There Is Now A 'Ghostbusters' Monopoly Game & I Call Dana's Cello As My Token

Have you ever dreamed of battling Slimer on the streets of Manhattan or putting Stay Puft (aka "The Giant Marshmallow Man") in his place? Do your kids have imaginary battles with library ghosts and refuse to run from the roaming vapor that seeps out of city sidewalks? Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition is here to shake up family game night, and the only way it could be any cooler is if the board played the movie's iconic theme song. (Because "I ain't afraid of no ghost" should be everyone's daily mantra.)

Artwork based on scenes from the original Ghostbusters movie provides the backdrop for this themed version of Monopoly by Hasbro. While Ghostbusters 2 is highly entertaining and the 2016 re-make is definitely fun to watch, the original film is an absolute classic, so it is only fitting that the game board depict scenes and scenarios from that particular film.

The game is slated for release April 26 at most major retailers for $29.99, and is sure to become a fast favorite for your family to play together. Although the game is intended for two to six players, ages 8 and up, I can see plenty of younger kids (my own soon-to-be 6-year-old included) learning to play alongside their parents if they already love the Ghostbusters characters and storyline.

For me, choosing a Monopoly game piece is the most exciting part of playing, yet it holds the potential to create a huge argument when my kids both want to use the same token. My hope for this particular game is that this type of conflict is mitigated by the fact that every player piece for the Ghostbusters edition is absolutely worth choosing. A PKE Meter is perfect for the player who wants a little help from technology when hunting ghosts, Ecto Goggles for the player who wants to look like some sort of a sci-fi superhero, and of course Dana's cello for the player who understands the priceless value of the team's very first client.

The objective of the Ghostbusters version of Monopoly varies slightly from the original in that players must vie to win Ghostbusting contracts and save the city from all of the supernatural villains. Players can land on board spaces like the Paranomal Studies Lab, City Hall, the Mayor's Office, and other familiar venues seen in the movie that take the place of the properties you might purchase in original Monopoly.

Once you've collected all of the Ghostbusting contracts for one color set, you can use your turn to set up ghost traps and containment units to up your chances of catching something strange in your neighborhood. When you land on an ECTO-1 or Supernatural Entity space, team up with other players to battle Slimer, Stay Puft, the Library Ghost, and Vinz Clortho as you make your way around the game board.

Just like in the movie, sometimes Ghostbusting doesn't pay quite as handsomely as a hapless gang of heroes would hope. As each game player slowly goes bankrupt fighting grimey ghouls, the last player left with petty cash wins the whole thing and earns the title "The Greatest Ghost Hunter That Ever Lived." (At least this is how my kids will make sure it goes down in our house.)

Family game time is a whole lot spookier when you play Monopoly: Ghostbusters Edition. Since you ain't afraid of no ghosts, go ahead and turn on the movie, pop some popcorn, and get ready to enjoy a night filled with more fun than riding down the streets of NYC in the ECTO-1. Now, who you gonna call to play with?