The New Knix Maternity Line Is The Perfect Combination Of Comfort & Convenience

Getting pregnant and becoming a parent are many things, but comfortable is not one of them. Your body changes over and over again. It leaks, it squeaks, and sometimes, you'd rather forget about all of it. Often, clothing does nothing more than enhance the discomfort you experience, with wires poking sensitive areas and underwear riding where it has no business going. Fortunately, one brand saw this problem and decided to do something about it, and the new Knix maternity line is revolutionizing the industry with underwear that is practical, comfortable, and affordable through your pregnancy and well into your postpartum phase.

The line includes a leak-proof (!!) nursing bra ($55) that has four-way stretch fabric that helps ease the pain associated with the growing breasts of pregnancy and nursing — not to mention the swings in sizes that breasts undergo on a daily basis. There is also a full-coverage brief ($36) that has support for your weakened abdominal muscles, as well as an extra absorbent gusset to protect your clothing from any leaks. Next up are nursing pads ($10), and super stretchy underwear in breathable fabrics (there's a bikini 3-pack and a boyshort 3-pack available at $36 for each set) that round out their new maternity collection, premiering on Aug. 20. All items are available on their website.

When I was pregnant, the bras were either supportive but too tight, or not supportive enough. The nursing bras were just a joke. There was a time in the late aughts when it seemed like bra manufacturers were consumed with making "cute" nursing bras, and not concerned with making them functional or comfy. I must have tried a dozen different brands over my three years of breastfeeding my two children, and found many of them severely lacking.

The same was true for reusable nursing pads. They weren't the right size or they'd fall out — they just weren't great. In the worst of cases, some of them simply weren't that absorbent. I had more than a few embarrassing instances of leaking through my shirt, making two giant wet spots appear. It was very Regina George, and I didn't pull it off with quite so much confidence.

The new Knix maternity line was designed with all of this in mind. In a recent press release, a spokesperson for Knix wrote, "We believe in making intimates for real life. And nothing gets more real than motherhood. These innovative products have been designed to help women with the real challenges (and beautiful experiences) of pregnancy and postpartum."

The brand does something that few other nursing brands manage to do well — they tell the truth about breastfeeding. In a section of their website devoted to talking about their nursing bras, Knix wrote, "From latching problems to engorged breasts, breastfeeding is a delicate part of parenthood. And it's not for everyone." One sentence, so simple, yet so meaningful to many: "it's not for everyone." That is a bold narrative coming from a brand that is ostensibly trying to sell nursing bras to postpartum women.

And even if you do nurse, talking about latching problems isn't exactly sexy, and I admire Knix for going there.

Don't sleep on the underwear, either. (But you could totally sleep in these comfortably.) When you first have your baby, it feels like your organs are constantly rearranging themselves inside your belly — which they kind of are. Having that little bit of extra support around your midsection is a huge relief. I took to wearing a girdle, which wasn't the most breathable fabric in the world. Knix designed supportive underpants that are breathable and help prevent leaks. Anyone who has given birth can tell you all about accidentally peeing when you sneeze, or drastically underestimating just how much you will bleed. Absorbent underwear would be a gift.

The new Knix maternity line just gets it, and it's about time that a brand did.