There's A New 'Sesame Street' Podcast, & Big Bird Couldn't Be More Excited

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After seven long months of entertaining kids at home, it is highly likely you're in need of some new family-friendly content — specifically the screen-free kind. If so, you're in luck. The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends is an all-new original podcast aimed at keeping young listeners engaged and learning with their favorite Sesame Street characters, and some new neighbors, too.

Available exclusively on Audible, new episodes of the podcast will release every Tuesday and Thursday starting Oct. 14, with 15 total episodes in all. The podcast promises to deliver high-energy, family-friendly shows covering different topics that preschoolers will love learning about. New original songs and interactive games throughout the podcast are perfect for helping kids hone in on their listening skills and make learning fun.

The show is hosted by a brand new character named Foley, who joins the Sesame Street family specifically for the podcast. Familiar friends like Elmo and Cookie Monster will join Foley and his pal Mikee the Microphone to talk about all sorts of exciting topics like birthdays, vehicles, and the alphabet. In addition to new content from Foley and Mikee, kids can expect to hear recurring moments like “Elmo’s Joke of the Day," as well as songs they know and love already from Sesame Street like "The Letter of the Day."

To help families get excited about the release of The Sesame Street Podcast with Foley & Friends, Big Bird himself offered Romper an interview to talk about all the fun he's having with Foley and how much he's learning about the process of podcasting. He also let us in on a few details about what to expect from the show and how he's feeling these days in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Romper: What's a podcast? We want to explain it to our little ones.

Big Bird: A podcast is sort of like a conversation and it can be about anything you’re interested in! The host — like my friend Foley — tells stories, plays games, or interviews cool guests. And the audience — that’s you! — listens from home.

Romper: How would you describe your new neighbors, Foley and Mikee?

BB: Foley is great! She can make all kinds of cool sounds with her voice, and she asks really good questions! And Mikee is funny — did you know he’s a microphone? You can’t make a podcast without one — ha ha!

Romper: Foley is really great at making sounds. What's your favorite sound that she makes?

BB: Hmm, I like when she makes the sound of popping bubbles! Or maybe … a meowing kitten! Or a rocket ship taking off … I can’t decide!

Romper: What's your favorite thing about Foley's podcast?

BB: I love the games Foley plays with her guests — it’s like being on a game show! Once, Foley surprised Oscar by calling him up to play an alphabet game … and he won! That made him really grouchy.

Romper: Has Foley taught you anything? Either while you guys were hanging out or from listening to her podcast?

BB: I always learn something interesting when I listen to Foley’s show! Did you know there are blue potatoes? I’ve never seen those at Hooper’s Store.

Romper: What’s it been like on Sesame Street lately — has everyone been staying home? Are things different at school?

BB: Things are different, but we’re all doing our part to help everyone stay healthy and safe! We wear masks whenever we go outside, and we wash our hands really well with soap and water. And we’re learning a lot of new ways to play and learn together — like on video playdates!

Romper: Now a question just for fun: What's your favorite thing about being tall?

BB: Being tall is great because it gives me a bird’s-eye view of things! And I can help my friends reach high shelves.

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