The New 'Star Wars' TOMS Will Give You All The Power Of The Force

My family is a huge fan of all things Star Wars. Whether it's our collection of Ewok and Porg stuffed plushes or our wide variety of Star Wars themed tees and hoodies, we have a little bit of all of the merch. However, on July 1, TOMS will be releasing a capsule collection of Star Wars themed shoes that I know everyone will be dying to get their hands on. The new Star Wars TOMS will feature illustrations based on the long running film series, and as usual, they will give back to various causes with each individual purchase.

The capsule collection will feature their Classic Alpargatas with line drawn storyboard-style prints based on the trilogy. They will be available in stores and online with prices ranging from from $39.95 - $94.95. If you're a fan of their TRVL LTE collection of featherweight shoes, you'll be excited to learn that some of this line will be available in that popular style.

The latest JJ Abrams installment, The Rise of Skywalker, drops Dec. 1, and these shoes are likely to be seen all over theaters, and maybe even the red carpet. They are the kind of nerdy-cute that beg to be worn with a note to rebellion with a dress or suit.


I first started wearing TOMS after I saw them while waiting in line at the Tribeca Whole Foods. There was a huge sign above it reading "For every pair purchased, a pair will be donated to a person in Africa with no shoes." They looked comfortable, they were the sort of style I loved, and they were giving back. It was an easy decision. Since then, I've owned dozens of pairs, and so have my kids. And the capsule collections are always a big hit. My daughter absolutely adored her Cookie Monster TOMS to the point where she wore them until they no longer fit her feet.

TOMS commitment to charity is evolving. According to their press statement, their "model is evolving. In addition to providing for basic needs, we’re taking a stand on human issues. And when people wear TOMS, they’re taking a stand too — for the issues of today, and for a better tomorrow." On their website, you can now pick from several different causes from which to choose before entering their online store. Right now, you can help with equality (defined as creating more just and equitable futures for marginalized people), safe water initiatives, the homeless, mental health research, giving shoes, or ending gun violence.

When you buy your new Star Wars TOMS shoes, you're not only getting a cute pair of kicks, you're helping out the planet.


My favorite thing about TOMS shoes is how easy they are to clean. It might not be the best idea, but I just throw mine in the washer with a bit of Gain and let them wash on the gentle cycle, and then take them out to air dry. I've never had a problem with this method, and I've done this with every single pair my family has purchased, even the cookie monster TOMS.

Because I buy so many pairs, and will definitely be picking up the new Star Wars TOMS shoes, I am a member of their passport rewards program which allows you to accrue points that you can use towards rewards products. Since we are a huge fan of not only their shoes, but also their glasses and their quirky apparel, we rack up the points pretty quickly. If you buy more than a few pairs of TOMS per year, it's really worth it. Otherwise, just enjoy your new Star Wars TOMS shoes, and may the force be with you.