'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Slow Cooker Is Perfect For A Hearty Halloween Dinner

Whether you're rushing off to soccer practice or Halloween falls on a weeknight (gasp!), a crockpot meal can make busy dinnertimes with kids immeasurably easier. If you don't already understand just how valuable a good slow cooker is for a parent, perhaps this The Nightmare Before Christmas slow cooker could help convince you? Even if you already have a crockpot, if you're a fan of the Tim Burton classic, this kitchen gadget is just to die for.

This crockpot is so awesome, it's scary. And "Life's no fun without a good scare," right? Retailing for $40, you can get your Sandy Claws on this kitchen gadget inspired by the nostalgic film on the ShopDisney website.

Oh, so this is Halloween? Yes, indeed. The entirety of this 7-quart capacity slow cooker is like Halloween personified — spooky and fun, with the promise to fill your belly with something incredibly delicious. Only instead of candy, it's a stew, a soup, or any number of frighteningly good recipes you can heat on a low simmer for hours to perfection.

Unlike so many bright orange, purple, and green-clad home goods sporting smiling pumpkins and images of candy corn, this crockpot's design won't clash with the rest of your kitchen's decor. It's sleek design features a black base with silvery white imagery of the film's star, Jack Skellington, his ghostly dog Zero, and the monstrous burlap-clad boogie man himself, Oogie Boogie.

Not only is this slow cooker creepy cool, it's completely functional as well. The control dial on this slow cooker allows you to adjust the temperature setting from off to low, warm, or high depending on what you're making, while a glass lid (complete with Jack's signature grin on the handle) keeps the contents securely inside instead. With these safeguards in place, you won't have to worry about any of your food bubbling out over the side like the worms and bugs that pop out of Ooogie Boogie's squiggly seams.

The oval stoneware insert inside of the slow cooker can be easily removed to clean. Instead of wasting your time meticulously scrubbing away around the electrical components of the cooker, you can spend more time having dance parties to the movie's incredible soundtrack.

Every year, my mom makes her special Ghoul-ash recipe for our family to enjoy together on Halloween night. (The recipe doesn't actually differ at all from the classic meaty pasta dish, she just puts extra emphasis on the "ghoul" to make it sound spooky. I love her for this.) It's one of my favorite things about Halloween, so while it's hard to imagine changing up this tradition in any way. But, I know without a doubt that if she had this The Nightmare Before Christmas crockpot, the dish would absolutely taste 1000% better. Because what doesn't taste better in a slow cooker with the Pumpkin King himself on it?