Coloring With Your Kids Is More Exciting Than Beets & Bears With 'The Office' Pencils

A few years ago, adult coloring books became all the rage, and stressed out people everywhere spent way too much money on fine markers and brand new crayons to let their worries go. To be honest, I never found it all that relaxing — the adult coloring books are way too finicky and I started getting anxious that I was coloring the wrong part of the picture and blah — but once I had my daughter, kid coloring books became a huge part of our household, and I decided to try again with these The Office colored pencils. You guys, a green crayon or an expensive green marker pales (literally) in comparison to a Broccoli Rob green.

OK, it makes sense that a show about a paper company and its delightful, charming employees would be the perfect theme for a set of colored pencils, but these office supplies from PopColors are just too clever and fun. The website features several different sets of colored pencils, coloring pages, and lead pencils, but The Office-themed version is by far my favorite. Using characters from the show and "inside" nods only a true The Office fan would know, PopColors has created a 12-pack of colored pencils that feature a white foil hand-stamp, are non-toxic, and come packaged in a die-cut box so you can display them easily. I mean, these are going to up your arts and crafts game a ton, but you'll want everyone to see these amazing color names, too.

The 12-pack includes Scran-Tan Strangler (tan), The Electric City (yellow), Bluez Cruise (blue), Broccoli Rob (green), That's What She Red (red), D-White Christmas (white), Pam Pink (pink), Diversity Grey (grey), Goldenface (gold), Kevin's Famous Chili (brown), Andy Burnard (orange), and Threat Level Midnight (black). I mean, could you ask for anything more? The set is also a limited edition with limited supplies, which means in the current pack, the Scran-Tan Strangler has been replaced with a pencil named Oscar Martini.

Whether you want a new pack for yourself (kids just can't appreciate the Kevin's Famous Chili reference when choosing the brown crayon to color a teddy bear), or want to gift it to another The Office fan, this pack is pretty perfect. You can even purchase a bundle package that includes the set of colored pencils with a set of The Office-themed coloring pages. My favorite is the map of Schrute Farms, but there's also the poster for Threat Level Midnight for you to color, as well as a page from the comic book Pam made for Jim — The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert.

It's just a really cute, unique set of art supplies, and for someone who loves to color and craft with my kids, I'm really looking forward to adding this set to our collection. Of course, it's best if you use Dunder Mifflin paper, but anything will do. Whether you're making a list for the Party Planning Committee or using them to decorate items for the Finer Things Club, this package will be perfect for you. (That's what she said.)