Target Now Sells Dundies & Every Parent In A Pandemic Deserves One

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Been longing for your own Dundie award that could potentially be thrown at your brand new 14-inch plasma TV during a passionate argument? Or an award to store on your coffee table before your significant other puts them away on a shelf? Well, there’s an actual Dundie statue you can buy at Target to fulfill all your Michael G. Scott dreams.

For those not in the know, a Dundie is an award given to each of the employees of Dunder Mifflin at a yearly ceremony on the show The Office — and they’re always hilariously inappropriate, congratulating people for things like smelliest bowel movements with a "Don't Go in There After Me" award — and given away by their fearless leader Michael Scott.

And hey, you absolutely deserve one because you’ve been parenting through a pandemic (though maybe you don't need the "Spicy Curry" award). In fact, you deserve more than a Dundie. Maybe you should be gifted an entire pot of Kevin’s famous chili, a relaxing stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast on a beet farm, or even a little yogurt-lid medal connected to paper clips to wear around your neck. Parenting is hard enough, y’all, but add in a pandemic and all these horrible decisions you have to make about school and socialization and trying to work and take care of your kids at the same time? You deserve all the above and more.

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But back to this amazing Dundie. For just $20, you too can be a proud owner of an official Dundie, and it comes with three magnetic reward plaques. And while Target’s description doesn’t offer up the text of said plaques other than the “Show Me the Money Award,” a customer asked in the Q&A section what the rest of them were. In addition to the “Show Me The Money Award,” choices include a “Kind of a B%#@h Award” and a “Fine Work Award,” according to the answer.

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure you won’t end up with the “Bushiest Beaver” award as an option. But you also won’t receive the “Hottest Guy in the Office Award” or the “Whitest Sneakers Award.” I’d say the “Fine Work Award” would be the best choice for parents during this pandemic, though some days they may feel like they’ve earned the “Kind of a B%#@h Award.”

Grab your much-deserved Dundie online at Target now, because you won’t be receiving it in a Chili’s restaurant anytime soon.

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