I Feel God With This 'The Office' Little People Set

When I tell you that my children love The Office, I mean they love The Office. Background noise in almost any situation, my two girls have grown up wth the show, and my 6-year-old loves to say things like, "Nice to meet me," a la Date Mike, while my toddler dances every time the theme song comes on. So while I fully intend to buy them The Office Little People set because they would truly love it... it's also absolutely for me.

Featuring the four main characters — Michael G. Scott, Dwight Schrute, and the best kind of PB&J: Pam Beesley and Jim Halpert — this Little People set is as much for play as it is for a collection. Priced at just under $20, it includes Michael holding his Best Boss mug, Dwight in his iconic mustard yellow, short-sleeve shirt (complete with all of his gadgets hanging on his belt), Pam in her classic pink cardigan and keds, and Jim with his sleeves rolled up and a notepad that says "Jim <3 Pam." (He also has his amazing shaggy hair — the details are amazing.)

It's basically perfection.

Even if your kids aren't fans of The Office, this is still just super fun. Little People are pretty versatile toys, and we still have the same sets from when my oldest was a baby. They last forever, can really take a hit (ask my toddler who routinely throws them across the room), and come in so many fun pop culture designs. Disney has a ton, Marvel, there are sets for The Beatles and KISS, and now The Office. Your kids may not know who Jim and Pam are, but you do, and you can make up your own story in your head as your kid lumps them all in with the Little People goats and cows in the red farmhouse. (A visit to Schrute Farms, perhaps?)

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The set is already sold out on Amazon, but is available at Walmart. So if you want this classic piece of television in your home for your children to stuff into bags and plastic airplanes and carry with them into the car, now's your chance. If you just want them to sit on the shelf, bonus: the box looks like the actual Dunder Mifflin Scranton office, so it makes for a really fun piece.

Dunder Mifflin: the Little Person's paper people.