'The Office' Monthly Milestone Blanket Watches Dunder Mifflin's Newest Employee Grow

Bears, beets, and birthdays abound. Monthly milestone blankets are a social media hit, and the cutest way to document your baby's growth and changes during their first year. This The Office monthly milestone blanket from Etsy maker PurplePossum is quite possibly the cutest option for parents who love the show. Add in a teeny tiny necktie, and your baby's pics will blow all the other baby's out of the water, in true Jim vs. Dwight style.

For some couples, The Office is one of the things they enjoy together during quality time. Perhaps using a Jim one-liner is how you met at a party, or maybe once you started dating, you looked forward to weeknight Netflix marathons on the couch together. In country singer Walker Hayes' latest hit "Don't Let Her," he even mentions how he's not allowed to watch The Office without his wife. It's important, people.

However you and your partner got into The Office, if it's a special part of your relationship, you're probably looking for ways to share your love of all things Dunder Mifflin with your new baby. Besides, showing them role models like Jim and Pam really can't hurt. That's where a monthly milestone blanket a la The Office comes in.

The PurplePossum Etsy shop specializes in custom birthday T-shirts and baby blankets with your child's name and favorite characters on them. But parents lucky enough to still choose their kids' favorite characters for them will love the store's monthly milestone blanket featuring the cast of The Office. The blankets start at $25.99 for the 30-inch by 40-inch size, or you can size up to 50 by 60 inches for $45.99.

The blanket features favorite characters Dwight Schrute, Jim Halpert, Michael Scott, Pam Beesley, Stanley Hudson, Kelly Kapoor, and Andy Bernard. Dunder Mifflin and World's Best Boss mugs accent the circle of illustrated characters for some real Office vibes. For photos, place your little one in the center of the circle, and as they grow, you can see the difference from photo to photo.

On the right side of the milestone blanket, be sure to mark which month of your baby's first year you're recording. To stay on theme, choose a basic office supply (think a big roll of masking tape, a circle of colorful paper clips, or some Post-It note flags) to mark which month is being documented. You can also request the blanket be customized to include your baby's name when ordering.

Of course, Etsy is the place for fans of just about any TV show, movie, or book to flock for merchandise. If your little family is trying to indoctrinate a new The Office fan, or your The Office-loving BFFs just welcomed their first little employee, why stop at the monthly milestone blanket? Consider a "My First Dundie" onesie, or a set of shirts for baby and parents riffing on the assistant manager theme. Maybe baby would enjoy gumming on some handmade, felt versions of Dwight and Prison Michael, or a soft, stuffed beet from Schrute Farms.

Whether you choose a monthly milestone blanket or something else entirely, be sure to snap all the photos you can of your child with your favorite characters. They'll move on to their own before long (oh, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig...).