The Original My Little Pony Toys Are Back & '90s Kids Are Sh*tting Rainbows

Y’all. My ‘80s kid heart cannot take the excitement these days. We’ve got Polly Pockets coming back, Gushers commercials are on your TV again, and I just found out the original My Little Pony toys are finally here and they aren’t even a billion dollars on eBay. No, these awesome throwback My Little Pony toys are being sold at Target and Toys "R" Us (and Indigo, if you’re in Canada). It’s been three decades of waiting for this moment, and I know you don’t want to miss out. I mean, of course you’re buying them for your kids to play with right? You don’t want them to miss out.

And to make things even more amazing, they look like the same stocky, pastel-colored, beautiful ponies with long flowing manes and tails for you to braid like you did back in 1983. Not like the newer ponies who are way smaller and “edgier” in their appearance in my humble opinion. The release of these beautiful ponies is in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the brand, according to the Basic Fun website. There are six ponies to choose from, all from the original shows and movies. There’s Minty, complete with a mint colored body and shamrocks on her bum, and Butterscotch, with a body color to match the name and seven orange butterflies perfectly placed. And you definitely can’t forget about Blue Belle, with her fabulous purple mane and starred fanny, Snuzzle with her pink hearts to match her pink mane and tail, Blossom in all of her purple glory, and Cotton Candy, who is as pink as can be, just like cotton candy of course.

Each pony comes with her own brush for you to relive your childhood of brushing and braiding their hair, a ribbon to tie up said hair, and even a mini collectible poster. All of them are just $9.99 each at Toys "R" Us, so you better hurry before they’re all snatched up by other ‘80s kids who remember taking these ponies everywhere with them.

Mine went in the tub with me, to the grocery store, out to dinner, and to all of my friends' houses — hell, I remember a couple of them accidentally "went for a swim" in the unused toilet. I remember it was the worst two days of my five-year-old life when I realized I dropped my Minty pony while my mom and I were at Cub Foods. Do they still even have Cub Foods around? And I’ll never forget how sweet the cashier was who returned my mom’s phone call and gave Minty back to me when we went to pick her up. Let’s say Minty never left my house again, but stayed safe with her other friends in the pink castle at the end of the rainbow.

For those of you who were born a little later than the 80s, you may not know about the glory days of the original My Little Pony. The toys were first introduced in 1981, and then after their immense popularity, TV shows, a TV series, and a full-length movie were created. There were even spin-offs called My Little Pony n' Friends and My Little Pony Tales in 1992.

And now this song will forever be in your head. You're welcome. Soon, “our kids” will be able to live their best lives with My Little Pony dolls, Polly Pockets, Sky Dancers, Bop Its, and even Tamagotchis. Because of course we are buying this stuff for their enjoyment right? Not waiting until they’re in bed and popping open a bottle of wine before brushing our pony’s hair, feeding our Tamagotchis, or having adventures with our Polly Pockets.

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