The Owlet Pregnancy Band Has A New Mint Look & Will Be On The Market *So* Soon

Social media has brought a lot of good to the world, but when it comes to pregnancy and motherhood, sometimes it can make you feel even more anxious. Message boards are full of moms-to-be asking other pregnant people about kick counts and the best home-doppler on the market, and it's obvious everyone basically wants a camera to look in their womb at all times. The Owlet Band hopes it can be that source of comfort for women.

As Romper previously reported, the Owlet is a flexible band a woman can wear throughout her pregnancy, starting as early as 24 weeks. As per the site, the band uses "passive listening technology embedded in ultra-thin sensors to collect electrical signals from inside the womb." The data collected is then sent straight to mom-to-be's phone — everything from wellness indicators (letting you know baby is OK), to baby's activity, and mom's sleeping positions.

And of course, one of the coolest features is the ability to listen to and record the sound of baby's heartbeat, which parents can then send straight on to grandma or their friends.

The band is made of a flexible material that conforms to the body and grows along with the belly. It kind of looks like those belly bands some moms wear after giving birth, the key difference being there's a large raised button in the middle. (It does make moms look a teeny bit cyborgian — I won't lie — but it's not like you'll be walking down the street with your stomach exposed.) The color of the band has now been changed to a light mint green, which I have to say is a major improvement over the original white, which looked a bit too surgical and hospital-like, in my opinion.

The Owlet Band will be on the market soon, which means it'll make a great gift for any pregnant people you know. I mean, it is 2020, and it sounds like the perfect year to basically have a robot strapped to your tummy like some kind of cyborg nanny, letting you know your baby's just fine.