The Pampers Prime Day Sale Includes Swaddlers, Pure, & Baby-Dry Diaper & Wipe Bundles

by Abi Berwager Schreier and Lindsay E. Mack

The Real Diaper Association reports that parents spend around $1,500 on diapers until their kid is successfully potty trained — and this number doesn't even include the billions of wipes you go through. So if you're going the disposable diaper route, the Pampers Prime Day diapers and wipes sale is a godsend.

Whether you have a Swaddler, a Cruiser, or a toddler who needs the Easy Ups at home, there's something for every stage in this Amazon Prime Day sale with 20% off select diaper and wipe bundles. This would also be a fantastic gift for your pregnant friend or family member, because trust me — they'll want these packages of diapers and wipes more than packs of baby socks. (OK maybe only a little bit more, but still more. And they'll definitely get used.)

Or if you're feeling extra charitable, there's always the option to stock up on diapers and wipes and donate them to a local women and children's shelter. You know they could always use the extra supplies. Don't forget to check out the 20% Amazon Exclusive Baby Essentials deals while you're at it. They include swaddles, formula, toddler backpacks, blankets, stroller sleeping bags, crib sheets, and more.

Regardless of your parenting needs, you'll definitely find something useful on sale during the Amazon Prime Day sale, which is so huge, it spans two days, Oct. 13 – 14.

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Available in diaper sizes 1 through 6, this box of diapers can last up to a month (depending on exactly how many you go through in a typical day). The diapers are manufactured free from chlorine bleach, fragrance, lotion, parabens, or EU 26 allergens. Plus, the wipes are made with 99% water for a simple formula. You can go ahead and stock up with this deal, or pick up a few of the next sizes up so you're ready when your kiddo grows.