Parents On Reddit Revel Why 3-Year-Olds Are Actually The Worst

by Reaca Pearl

I have had two 3-year-old children, and I'm already counting down the days until my last child turns 3-years-old, too. Looking forward to it, you ask? Ha! And, nope. Trust me when I say I'm shaking in my foreshadowing boots with abject terror. Why? Oh, you know, it's just that 3-year-olds are actually the worst. No, really. I'm serious. Say what you will about 2-year-old toddlers and how terrible they are, but I'm here to tell you once and for all: 3-year-old children take the terrible cake, then they throw that cake on the ground and stomp all over it because they're terrible.

Reddit user YackBack posed the serious question: "At what age is your child the worst?" Let me tell you something, dear reader, that the parents of Reddit did not disappoint. A ridiculous amount of caregivers said 3-year-olds gave all other ages, including 2-year-olds and teenagers, a run for their money in the worst of the worst department.

I remember breathing a sigh of relief when my eldest child passed their third birthday. The terrible twos were finally over! Rejoice! Boy, was I in for a rude awakening when the horrors associated with 2-year-old toddlers suddenly, and viciously, multiplied exponentially. With my second child I was more prepared, but also lulled into a false sense of security due to kid number two's mild temperament. I wish I could tell you anything other than the truth, which is that my sweet, cuddly, loving son turned into a raging, tantrum-throwing monster the day he turned 3-years-old. So even though I know what to expect the moment my youngest turns 3, I also know noting can adequately prepare me for the terror ahead. My partner and I just have to grit our teeth and get through it. According to the following parents of Reddit, at least we're not alone.

When They're Worse Than Terrible

Damn straight.

When They're Worse Than Teenagers

Threenagers. That is a perfect description, you guys. Although, with a 3 year old you'll be dealing with less piercings and more snot. So, I guess us parents should just take our wins when and where we can get them.

When They Won't Eat

I have a feeling eating at grandma's would get real old real fast, too.

When They Have Public Tantrums

Because apparently private tantrums just aren't poignant enough. I mean, is a tantrum really a tantrum is no one around to hear it, then judge you, the parent, endlessly for it?

When They Can't Communicate

How frustrating would it be to know what you want and the dumb adult you're assigned to can't figure out your method of communicating that want? I mean, at least I can understand where my tantrum-throwing 3-year-old child is coming from.

When They're Just Mean

It's like their brains aren't fully developed or something. Oh. Right. Their brains aren't actually fully developed yet.

When They Have No Self Control

Here's to hoping my youngest has that same switch.

Now can this guy show me where the switch is on my 5 year old?

When They Exist To Make You Miserable

What more is there to say? I mean, for better or worse, this is accurate AF.

When They Whine

And whine, and whine, and whine. It's never-ending, you guys.

When They Flip A Switch

Yes! This is what happened with both my older kids! Who knows where the damn switch is?!

When They Lack Knowledge

I must admit, and even though it's hard to admit: hearing the question "Why?" feels likes nails on a chalkboard to my already overworked, sleep deprived, "has to have an answer for everything" mom ears. I want to support my children's curiosity, don't get me wrong. But I don't know if I can handle another year and a half of hearing, "But, why?" every second of every day.

When They Push Limits

All the pushing, you guys. I thought my children weren't capable of pushing back against the boundaries I set anymore than they did when they were 2, but I was so, so wrong.

When You're Counting The Days Until They Turn 4

When Everything Is Wrong

It's so hard to be empathetic when every single thing they hear, do, see, eat, and think is tantrum worthy.

Here's to hoping it goes quickly for all of you. And, most importantly, for me.