You Guys, There's A Mattress Perfect For Co-Sleeping & Literally Everyone Can Fit

If you’re a co-sleeping family, or if your kids hop into bed with you (inevitably at 3 a.m.) and someone’s foot ends up in your mouth with one of your butt cheeks hanging off the bed, you may be wishing you had a bigger mattress. The Ace Collection hears you and wants to help everyone sleep comfortably through the night. This giant mattress is being touted by parents and satisfied customers as the perfect mattress for co-sleeping. And even though this huge bed would probably take up my entire house, for those of you who have spacious homes and large master bedrooms, this may be the perfect solution to your co-sleeping space issues.

Y’all. This mattress is massive, and even though I’m still five or six months away from my kid being born, and not worrying about human kids sleeping with us yet, I feel like this mattress would house my husband, our two beagles, our two cats and me (with room for a kid or two) very well — even if we’d have to add an extension to our house to get it to fit. There are four larger-than-life sizes you can choose from, and they have sizes for even the largest of families.

Though Ace offers Queen and King sizes, they’re still even bigger than your standard measurements. Their four sizes include the 60" by 80" Queen Size, the 76" by 80" King Size, the 108” by 80” Ace Size, and the mammoth 144” by 80” Ace Family Size. You can even rotate the “Ace Size” by 90 degrees and it makes the “Ace Player Size,” which obviously makes it 80” by 108”. The “Ace Player Size” is a much longer bed for those tall folks, or people who have dogs that like to sleep at the end of the bed — or if their children like to sleep at the end of the bed, I suppose. And the “Family Size” stays true to its name, because with all that room in there, co-sleeping will be a breeze. No more feet and hands in your face or pillow.

Whether you need a soft mattress, a medium mattress, or a firm mattress, you can customize these massive mattresses for your entire family’s needs. Don’t have a bed frame to house these monstrosities of a mattress? You can even order the proper customized bed frame and box spring to fit. Need sheets that don’t pop off while you’re tossing and turning or if your kids decide to use your bed as a trampoline? Ace offers sheets, pillowcases, duvets, duvet inserts, and even bed skirts specifically made for their larger-than-life mattresses.

Interested in potentially using this mattress for co-sleeping but not sure how co-sleeping works or if it’s safe? According to The Baby Sleep Site, more than 40 percent of moms have reported they either frequently or always share a sleep space with their child. So how are they doing it safely with an infant? An article from the University of Notre Dame’s Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory, which was adapted from Maximizing the chances of Safe Infant Sleep in the Solitary and Cosleeping (Specifically, Bed-sharing) Contexts, noted, “A safe sleep environment for an infant, regardless if the infant sleeps on the same surface as his or her parents, on a same-surface co-sleeper, in a bassinet, or in a separate crib in the same room as their parents or a separate room,” should always sleep on their backs, under light or no blanketing, with their heads never covered and on a firm surface.

As far as co-sleeping-specific guidelines, if bed-sharing, both parents need to be aware and feel comfortable with the decision, infants less than 1 year old should never sleep with older siblings, and both parents shouldn’t be taking sedatives, medications, drugs, or alcohol — basically anything that would hinder your ability to wake up easily and quickly. Additionally, mom or dad, if either one of you has long hair, make sure it’s tied up. If you may have a hard time feeling how close the baby is to your body, don’t do it. The Kelly Mom parenting and breastfeeding website added that your mattress should be tight-fitting against the headboard and have no space between it and the wall, and the baby is safest sleeping beside the breastfeeding mother (if you’re breastfeeding). It also suggested you don’t swaddle your baby when co-sleeping so they can alert you with their arms and legs if they get uncomfortable or you’re too close to them.

As long as you take all the precautions, co-sleeping in one of these huge Ace mattresses could really help both you and your baby get some much needed sleep, especially during those hard first couple of months.

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