OMG, This Play-Doh Set Lets Your Kids Create Poop Characters With An Actual Poo Mold

What is it with kids and poop? Toilet humor is just one of those things that kids love to laugh at, so why not play up the idea with some Play-Doh? You're in luck, too, because you don't even have to help your kids mold their brown Play-Doh into poop shapes. That's right, there's an actual Play-Doh Poop Troop set to keep your kids occupied for hours. Remember when you were a kid and you would roll out some Play-Doh to make something that resembled a snake or a worm, but then you'd kind twist it into this mound and say, "Look! Poop!" Yeah, that's basically what this is, only way better.

With this hilarious Play-Doh set, kids can make silly poop-like monsters, or even the classic poop emoji — something all kids are obsessed with, right? Not only is this Play-Doh set totally giggle-worthy, but molding with Play-Doh is a great way for kids to use their fine motor skills, according to an article published in the MSU Extension. Even pediatric occupational therapist and mom Tracey le Roux of OT Mom covered the benefits of Play-Doh in an article on her website. According to le Roux, playing with Play-Doh actually helps children develop not only their fine motor skills, but also their coordination. It's hard for kids to learn how to do things like write, use scissors, or cut things with a knife safely, so why not let them fine tune those little hand and finger skills to help them get ready for the real thing? The more they learn to do on their own now, the more independent they'll be — even if that means making poop monsters.

The Play-Doh Poop Troop Set is available starting this fall at most retailers, so if you like to get your Christmas shopping done early, you're in luck. It sells for $14.99 and the maker of the set, HASBRO, suggests it's best used with children 3 years and up. The set comes with poo molds (because of course it does), 12 special Play-Doh colors to keep play bright and exciting, and 22 fun accessories such as silly eyes, arms, and mouths to make ridiculous faces. Think Mr. Potato Head except with Play-Doh... and poop.

The set also comes with a knife, but don't worry, it's just a basic plastic butter knife to allow kids to practice cutting things safely. Still can't picture it? It's basically the Play-Doh Kitchen except with poo. I know — oh great. But it's not about us adults. It's about the kids laughing and occupying themselves so moms can have five minutes of peace and quiet. OK, maybe not complete peace and quiet because realistically, you just want to finish the laundry without being interrupted or eat something fresh and warm for once, or maybe even take a little cat nap — a mom can dream, right? Plus, a little laughter in the background because of poop-shaped Play-Doh is better than hearing someone call your name for yet another cup of juice, or worse, a butt wipe. 'Cause, let's face it, mom life is already all about poop anyway, isn't it? Just in case you're not sold yet, here's a very educational video of it unboxed.

While the idea is just oh-so-silly, playing with Play-Doh does have really great benefits for kids and helps them develop skills they will need for the future — Even if they are just molding poop shapes with eyes.