The Pregnancy Sex Positions For Second Trimester Every Mom-To-Be Should Know About

Being pregnant isn't for everybody, but I think almost all moms can agree that there's one point when things just seem to click — the second trimester. After puking almost every day of the first trimester and generally feeling like crap, hitting that second trimester is like waking up on Christmas morning. All is right with the world. Your energy is back, you can eat your favorite foods, and you can even think about sex without grimacing. Yup, prepare for that drive — you'll want to know some pregnancy sex positions for second trimester.

Certified Nurse Midwife Jamie Sullivan tells me that it's normal for the second trimester to bring new energy to a pregnant mom and make her feel like a new person. "And yes, that can translate to her sexual relationships," Sullivan says. "Generally, the nausea and morning sickness goes away by the time you enter your second trimester and a lot of my mamas tell me that second trimester is when they truly start to enjoy being pregnant. For a lot of them, this means they enjoy everything, including their new shape and sexual desires."

So if you're feeling it with your partner, which sex positions are best for the second trimester? "Really, anything goes," Sullivan says. "A lot of midwives may advise women to stay off of their backs during sex as those positions can put a lot of pressure on the vena cava. But in general, you know your limits and if a missionary position makes you dizzy or feel sick, it's best to switch it up."

But Sullivan notes that you shouldn't be scared of sex, no matter which trimester you're in. She says:

It's all safe, as long as your pregnancy is progressing like normal and you don't have any issues. Doggy style, you being on top of your partner, or a position like spooning are popular options for pregnant sex in general, not just the second trimester. These positions take some of the pressure off your back and can make sex really enjoyable.

Basically, the second trimester is the best trimester to have sex. "You have more energy, pretty much every position works, and you're not so big that you find it difficult to maneuver in the bedroom," Sullivan says. "It's kind of like the best of both worlds in terms of pregnancy and sex."

According to Parents, your libido may be higher than usual during the second trimester and some physical changes, including your breasts' size, may make sex better than ever. So take full advantage of all that energy and get in as much sex as you can. Sullivan suggests enjoying all aspects of sex, including oral sex, while you have the time. "Once your baby comes, it may be a while before you can try your favorite positions and give yourself time to orgasm. Treat the second trimester like the baby-moon you both deserve." Solid advice.