Time To Stock Up: Primary's Current Sale Includes $10 Dresses & $5 Polos

When my husband and I were trying for a baby and I was dreaming of their wardrobe (as one does, right?), I knew that no matter what sex my baby was, I wasn't going to buy frilly pink shirts that said "Princess" or blue t-shirts that said "Mom's Hunk" or "Daddy's Little Slugger." My husband and I are huge fans of gender-neutral clothing, and were both so stoked to learn about the company Primary. All of their outfits are, you guessed it, primary colors and very gender neutral. And there's a Primary sale going on right now, y'all. Now that my baby boy is here, you can bet I'll be buying all the things.

Not only are they an amazing company for keeping things gender neutral, but they sell soft and sturdy basics for under $25. There are no gimmicky slogans or sexist saying on any of their clothing. Just super bright, fun, colorful clothing for our kids to enjoy. The color palette is perfect for kids because it's all colors of the rainbow — which means they can wear their favorites all the time. This sale includes major discounts on all of your Primary favorites, including the Baby Rainbow Shortie, the Baby Rainbow Tee, and $10 dresses. Be still my heart.


The Short Sleeve Twirly Dress

I am in love with this dress. It's in my favorite skater style, and it's perfectly twirly, which is very important for your kid, believe me.


The Kids Tank Dress

Dressed up for school or an outing with a cardigan, or as-is for a fun summer playdate, this versatile and soft dress is a must-have for your kid's wardrobe. And at only $10, you should get them in every color they have left.


The Rainbow Stripe Baby Shortie

I may or may not have added this to my cart as soon as I uploaded this photo to the article. I mean, look at it. My son will look amazing in this romper. The colors are beautiful and bold, just like your baby.


The Chino Short

The perfect wardrobe staple for late summer and early fall. Would be great as part of a back-to-school outfit or even as part of a school uniform if you go with the khaki color.


The Polo

I can't get over how inexpensive this adorable polo is. Perfect for back-to-school or preschool. Your kid will look like a ray of sunshine in this.


The Reversible Poplin Skirt

What's better than a cute twirly skirt? One that's reversible!


The Chino 4-Pocket

How adorable are these chino pants? They look like an adorable teeny version of my husband's that he wears to work. Oh, and the teal version. Perfect for dressing up or down, TBH.


The Boxer Brief 3-Pack

I can't believe that one day my sweet baby boy will be wearing something like this. Tears. But at least they're cute and I can get a good deal on Primary for some cool colors without words and characters on them.


The Baby Stripe Rainbow Tee

Obsessed. I also may have put this in my cart to go along with the rainbow baby romper.


The Capri Legging

Kids and leggings go together like peanut butter and jelly. They're easy, comfortable, and pair with pretty much anything.


The Baby Tunic Tee

Tunics are all the rage right now. So grab yourself a blue tunic and you and your kid can be #twinning in the most adorable way. Plus, isn't this a gorgeous shade of blue?