It Is Inconceivable How Much I Want This 'The Princess Bride' Board Book — FIRST LOOK

"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya," and you should absolutely make a mental note to purchase The Princess Bride: A Counting Story board book when it hits bookstores on Oct. 6. (Especially since you didn't kill my father and you don't have to prepare to die.)

Yes — there is a new children's book based on The Princess Bride, and I promise, it's as wonderful as the movie. This new Princess Bride book still has all of your favorite characters from the 1987 cult classic, and it focuses on the same themes of "heroes, giants, wizards, and true love." Wondering how you can count along with all your favorites? Well, the publishers tell Romper, "There are 6 fingers on the Count's right hand, 3 outlaws on a mission, 2 destined lovers, and 1 unforgettable story that brings them all together." I mean, it's already "my favorite book in all the world, though I have never read it."

All toddlers need a good board book, and one that teaches them about counting while being entertaining for the parent is a huge plus. This board book is just a really sweet way to bring back a big piece of your childhood without having to put your kiddo in front of the TV. If you can capture some magic of the lovely '80s and put it in book form for your child, why not, right? The world of entertainment is already relaunching Ghostbusters and Star Wars and letting all the Disney movies out of the vault — sharing The Princess Bride was the obvious next choice.

The board book features witty and engaging storytelling by Lena Wolfe, and beautiful artwork by Bill Robinson that absolutely captures the whimsical fun of the movie. It makes sense since illustrator Robinson is a character designer at DreamWorks and previously worked for Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Sony, HBO, and ReelFX.

Be on the lookout come Oct. 6 so you can get your hands on this new board book. If you miss out, that will just be inconceivable! (C'mon. I had to.)