The Real Butcher Killed Agnes On ‘AHS: Roanoke’ & Twitter Has Some Feelings About It

While "Chapter 7" of American Horror Story: Roanoke certainly made it seem as though Kathy Bates' unstable Agnes would be the major threat of the season's second half, the haunted Roanoke land had other plans. One by one, throughout "Chapter 6" and "Chapter 7," we met the "real" versions of the Roanoke ghosts that the actors had portrayed in the re-enactments. Each was more terrifying than the next, and one thing's for sure – they were all far scarier than their "My Roanoke Nightmare" counterparts. But when the real Butcher killed Agnes on American Horror Story: Roanoke, that single moment stopped all of AHS Twitter in its tracks.

Everything about Agnes' ultimately brief, but productive reign of terror was horrifying to watch. In short order, she killed Sidney and his two crew members, badly injured Shelby by cleaving her in the shoulder, and came after Lee, Monet, and Audrey as well. Even worse, she was inexplicably borderline-unstoppable – she somehow fought off Dominic, vanishing from the room where she attacked Shelby, and survived several bullets that Lee shot into her.

There was also something especially disturbing about Kathy Bates' Agnes rapidly speaking to herself in between kills, slipping seamlessly back and forth between her "normal" Agnes and deranged Butcher personas. At first, it even seemed as though Agnes might be possessed. We only met her on "Chapter 6" and didn't get much of a feel for her "real" personality outside of her Butcher obsession, but it seemed plausible that the cursed Roanoke land might've been doing a number on poor Agnes' mind against her will.

In the end, though, whether or not the Roanoke land had played some hand in the deterioration of Agnes' mental state, the land's "real" owner had no interest in teaming up with the obsessive actress. As Agnes stalked around the Roanoke house, taunting Shelby and Dominic who remained alive within, the "real" Roanoke ghosts approached as well. Agnes came face to face with her "idol," but the real Butcher wasn't interested in trading butchery techniques.

Nope, the real Butcher – who was approximately 45,000 times scarier than Agnes' Butcher in "My Roanoke Nightmare" – simply and silently split Agnes' head in half right down the middle.

Twitter had some *serious* reactions to this stunning development, ranging from the simply shocked, to the confused, to the downright amused.

Of course, plenty of viewers reacted like, "Agnes who?" Many were simply distraught to find out that the real Butcher wasn't actually Jessica Lange, as we'd all theorized/fervently hoped.

Now that Agnes has been "taken care of," we can't wait to see what manner of havoc the "real" Butcher and her crew will wreak on the relatively few Roanoke houseguests who remain alive.