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The Reason Why Serena Williams Thinks She's Having A Girl Is Badass

Tennis superstar Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder are getting ready to become parents for the first time later this year. Much like all first-time parents, their lives are presently wrapped up in the business of birthing babies. One of the first orders of business? Finding out what sex the baby might be. While Ohanian said on Tuesday that he and his fiancée have chosen not to find out the sex, they think they might know. And the reason Ohanian and Williams think they're having a girl is just as incredible as one might expect from the Queen of tennis.

During an interview on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, Ohanian was indulging in a little (well-deserved) bragging about his powerhouse of a fiancée. Lighting up while talking about his love, Ohanian admitted the couple had chosen not to find out the sex of their expected baby, but that he and Williams "had their hunches." Noting that Williams managed to win the Australian Open while she was pregnant, Ohanian told the talk show host that the fortitude her extraordinary win required gave the tennis champion a clue about her baby's sex, according to HuffPost.

She remarked that she feels it has to be a girl because everything that little baby went through and handled like a champ ― only a woman could be strong enough to take on.

Fair point, Williams.

For his part, Ohanian agreed that the baby could very well be a girl, and that women are "amazing." He told Kimmel that he is constantly in awe of women, according to E! News:

I was very lucky to be raised by a very strong, amazing mother — and she's got a good point. This is our first child. If anything, it's really just reinforced how just amazing and strong and powerful and awesome women we are, and how useless we are during this whole thing. Because it's like, 'I can make you a grilled cheese. Does this help?' We are worthless!

(Note to Ohanian: yes, the grilled cheese helps. As does the support of a man who appreciates women. But seriously make sure the grilled cheeses are plentiful.)

As the couple, who got engaged in December of last year, prepare for their baby's arrival, Ohanian is sourcing out parenting tips from Reddit (of course). He told Today Parents that he wants to make sure to bond with his child as soon as possible, and found one particularly helpful tip:

My favorite (tip) is to sleep with a blanket for like a month before the due date so you get your dad scent all over it, and then wrap the baby in it once it shows up, so they're not just immediately bonding with mom, but also getting a bit of dad.

That baby girl (or boy... there is still the possibility of their baby being a boy) is going to be one lucky little person. Not only will she have parents who encourage her to be powerful and brave, but they are both clearly invested in loving up on her as much as possible.