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The Royal Wedding Flowers Have Arrived & They Are Just As Gorgeous As You'd Expect

With mere days left until the royal wedding, Windsor Castle must be buzzing with activity getting things ready. Although we might not get a glimpse of the royal wedding dress or the page boys' adorable outfits before Saturday morning, some dedicated paparazzi spotted the royal wedding flowers leaving a London floral shop, and they are just as pretty as you'd expect. Of course, the trucks full of white and pink flowers could be headed to someone else's soiree this weekend, but who would throw a wedding that needed that many flowers on the same weekend as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's big day? That's just rude.

No, these are definitely Harry and Meghan's flowers. Paparazzi caught two large moving trucks loading up outside of Philippa Craddock's London store on Wednesday morning before they headed out to Windsor. Along with decorative branches and large vases, these particular flowers appeared to be synthetic, so it must be the first of a few other shipments out to the country for the wedding. Still, even the fake flowers look absolutely gorgeous, so the real ones installed this weekend are probably going to be stunning.

It's no secret that Craddock is the couple's florist, just in case you're wondering how the paparazzi knew where to post up. According to People, she issued a press release earlier this year saying that she was "excited and honored to have been chosen by Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle." Craddock's other clients include British Vogue and fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior, so she knows what she's doing.

Craddock added in her statement that she would be using flowers that naturally bloom in May, such as branches of beech, birch, and foxgloves, among others from Kensington Palace's gardens. Harper's Bazaar reported that peonies and white garden roses, which are Markle's and Princess Diana's respective favorites, will also be included in the arrangements and the bride's bouquet.

Kensington Palace tweeted on Wednesday that Craddock and her team would also be incorporating pollinator friendly plants in the royal wedding flowers to keep things sustainable, which is a very classy touch from the couple.

People reported that Craddock said that working with Markle and Prince Harry "has been an absolute pleasure." She added:

The process has been highly collaborative, free-flowing, creative and fun. The final designs will represent them as a couple, which I always aim to achieve in my work, with local sourcing, seasonality and sustainability being at the forefront.

After the wedding, the couple has arranged for a charity to get the flowers, according to Town & Country. The outlet also reported that it's customary for royal brides to leave their bouquet on the grave of an unknown warrior in Westminster Abbey. However, since Prince Harry and Meghan are getting married at St. George's chapel at Windsor Castle, she might do something different. Let's hope Markle gets to nab a peony or two as a personal keepsake, though. People will understand, right?

In addition to the flowers, it also appears that the royal wedding cake is underway. Earlier this week, baker Clare Ptak of Violet Cakes posted a picture of a couple of crates of lemons with the caption, "and so it begins," indicating that she was about to get started on prep work for the lemon and elderflower cake the couple ordered.

Kensington Palace also posted a few pictures on Instagram from the Windsor Castle kitchens where chefs are busy chopping up asparagus and pouring chocolate into truffle molds. It all looks delicious and it's not even totally prepared yet

According to the palace blog, the menu is totally seasonal, which is just perfect this time of year. Mark, the head chef, told the palace blog, "'Luckily the seasons have just fallen perfectly and that's become the main focus in the decision making of the menus. The couple have been very involved in every detail of it." And just in case feeding hundreds of people a royal meal sounds daunting, he added that former royal kitchen staff have been calling him to see if any extra hands were needed for the big day. It's really a family affair, all around.

So, the food, cake, and the flowers are already being prepped for the big day. Hopefully, the dress is doing just as well, too. Though let's cross our fingers and pray the paparazzi don't spoil that one before Saturday morning.