'The Simpsons' Added A Perfect Nod To Mom-Shaming Culture In A New Short On Disney+

Featuring perpetual baby girl Maggie Simpson, The Simpsons' newest short now on Disney+ is not only entertaining and silly, but it's also has a perfect, yet subtle nod to mom-shaming culture.

The first Disney-approved Simpsons' short film Playdate With Destiny, which runs about five minutes and was first seen ahead of the Disney and Pixar movie Onward when it was released in theaters last month, features Maggie heading out for a day at the park with her mom Marge Simpson. The two head on over to enjoy a peaceful afternoon at a little spot called the "Not Responsible For Injuries Park," with Marge placing her little girl in the sand with a bucket and shovel before finding a seat beside the other moms on the bench to enjoy a little light reading.

The book Marge is happily leafing through is called You're Doing Everything Wrong. The mom beside her is reading a book called How Dare You Not Breastfeed, while another one is reading Help! My Baby Is Ugly. This is obviously the most succinct, wordless, apt bit of social commentary on the sort of pressure the world puts on mothers, to always think the worst of themselves, done only as The Simpsons can do.

While Marge Simpson and the other moms are busy reading up on all the ways to feel bad about themselves, Maggie nearly gets hit by another child on the slide. A baby called Hudson swoops in to save her and the two go off on some adventures in a rom-com montage of happiness. Horseback riding, feeding each other strawberries, making mud pies in the sand box, swapping pacifiers, the whole nine yards.

From there, Homer gets involved and naturally he ruins everything. Takes her to the wrong park called "Broken Ankles Park" for ages "8 to Juvie," and this after she took care to make sure she looked her baby best.

I won't spoil the ending, but it's cute and innocent and appropriate for the whole family. This is the second Simpsons short to feature Maggie, the first being the 2012 Maggie Simpson In "The Longest Daycare," which was nominated for an Academy Award and is expected to start streaming later this month on Disney+.

Playdate With Destiny might be a sweet story about Maggie Simpson's strange baby rom-com, but the nod to mom-shaming culture will be a favorite for parents who are oh-so-tired of the judgment. And are ready to laugh it off. Watch it now on Disney+.