This Sol Advent Calendar Has Burrito-Scented Fresheners & Other Mexican Icons Inside

It's beginning to look a lot like burrito-scented air fresheners in this incredible Sol Mexican-American advent calendar. Designed by Mexican-American artists, this is a really fun, whimsical take on the advent calendar, with 25 days of special treats tucked away inside. It was put together by Sol (yes, the purveyors of refreshing cerveza), and each little square contains "exclusive and iconic items" designed by different Mexican-American artists. This is the perfect way to combine your heritage (or love for Mexican culture) beyond someone screaming "Feliz Navidad" at you all December long. (Which was written by a Puerto Rican artist!)

Don't expect to find the usual old square of chocolate from this colorful calendar. (Or any beer, for that matter. Yes, it's from Sol, but it contains zero beer. Those seeking an advent calendar containing beer should head to their local Costco.) No, the Calendario de Fiestas holds more unusual fair, like pan dulce shoelaces, and the aforementioned burrito-scented air freshener. Not to totally spoil the surprise, but it also holds a corazon ornament, a luchador sticker, pins with Mexican sayings, a Lucha da Vinci magnet, a rosa perfume roller, and a paz y amor candle, a sarape lanyard, and some Sol lip balm. (No word on whether or not the balm tastes like a cold one.) Each piece is carefully crafted to celebrate art and pay homage to a Mexican icon.

Some of the artists and collaborators include Noelle Reyes, a co-founder of Mi Vida boutique, which is a lifestyle brand inspired by Latinx culture, and Mercado El Catirin, whose work highlights important pop culture and historical figures from Mexican culture. It also includes author and artist Cathy Cano-Murillo, the founder of CraftyChica. The box itself is printed with bold, candy-colored illustrations that most certainly will set it apart from the other red and green holiday decor.

I must admit, I'm a total sucker for advent calendars. I never had one as a kid. Probably because I have a million siblings and my parents didn't want to referee a nightly brawl over who got to open the next little door. (And then yet another brawl over who got to keep or eat whatever was inside...) But for my own son, I now clip numbered "advent calendar bags" I procured from Etsy to a piece of twine, and fill each one with some tiny little trinket or bit of candy. (It's probably the most Pinteresty thing I've ever done as a mom, to be honest.) My kid totally digs discovering a new surprise each morning, while I totally dig raiding Flying Tiger Copenhagen for treats. It's a win-win.

Whatever your method — boxed calendars, little beers, or special bags — it can be an incredibly cozy and fun bonding experience to count down to Dec. 25 with your kiddo. The Calendario de Fiestas lets Mexican-Americans do this while also engaging in a clever crossover of art, culture, and Christmas. It sweetly provides parents the opportunity to discuss their heritage in an interactive and creative way.