This Video Of The 'Spider-Man' Cast Visiting Kids In The Hospital Is So Heartwarming

Imagine you're a little kid and it's summertime. All of your friends are out of school, probably making plans to go swimming, to ride their bikes, or to play at the park. Only you're in a hospital bed, which might make life feel pretty unfair ... well, unfair until Spider-Man comes sauntering in, that is. But if this scenario seems like it's too good to be true, think again because the Spider-Man cast recently visited a children's hospital, bringing much needed magic into the lives of its young patients.

Patients staying at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, California were surprised with two fun events on Monday. The kids were treated to an advance, private screening of the new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home to enjoy with their families, according to CNN, which is a pretty big deal considering the rest of North America wasn't able to see the film until Tuesday, July 2. But as if that wasn't cool enough, Tom Holland (Spider-Man, Peter Parker), Zendaya (Spider-Man's crush, MJ), and Jake Gyllenhaal (Mysterio, a new character to the Marvel universe) all showed up to meet the patients. Talk about a cool and heartwarming moment.

Making matters even better? Holland and Gyllenhaal both showed up in costume. The Children's Hospital caught the visit on video, and it was a genuinely beautiful moment.

As Holland explained at the outset of the video, the three stars were on hand to surprise some of the young patients after watching the film. To be honest, I'm not sure who enjoyed this visit the most. The toddler who was chasing Mysterio (Gyllenhaal) in a little push car with some help from Spider-Man himself or the crowd of kids who watched in awe as Holland performed some truly amazing standing back flips. Or maybe it was Holland himself, who seemed giddy with excitement when he noticed one little boy wearing a shirt with Spider-Man on it and exclaimed, "That's me!"

It feels important to note that Holland really went the extra distance, dropping his native British accent for an American one for authenticity purposes. That's what dedication looks like, folks.

One particularly moving moment in the video came when a little boy, who happened to be wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt himself, approached Holland and said, according to Entertainment Tonight. "I love you. I love you and that you shoot webs." Guys, my heart.

Adorably enough, this isn't the first time Holland has visited a children's hospital dressed as Spider-Man. The actor surprised Spider-Man fans in South Korea by visiting Seoul University’s Children Hospital on Monday while in town promoting his film.

According to The Korea Times, Holland actually planned this event himself and felt it was really important to visit kids dressed in character. He reportedly took loads of photos with each child he met, which is just too sweet for words.

It goes without saying that this is the sort of thing that can truly change the way a child in the hospital gets through their day. Because who better to help you find a positive outlook than your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man?