This New Starbucks Frapp Will Tell You Your Fortune & OMG I Need It Now

There are a lot of reasons why people rely on caffeine. It's good for conversation, it's good motivation to get out of bed, and let's be honest — sometimes it's the only thing that makes you feel alive. When it comes to Frappuccinos, the whimsy knows no bounds and takes the magic of caffeine up a notch. Sure, you can have a sparkly unicorn one or another creme-based Frappuccino named after a magical creature, but what about one that tells your fortune? The Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino promises to do just that and y'all, I'm going to need a venti.

Forget that mood ring you had in fifth grade — this Crystal Ball Frappuccino will tell you everything you need to know about your day. Starbucks says that the creme-based Frappuccino has a peach flavor and turquoise sparkles that create a really pretty marbled effect in the cup so it actually looks like a crystal ball. But you guys, it also works like a crystal ball. Sprinkled on top of each Frappuccino are candy-colored gems in either blue, green, or purple. The trick is, you won't know which one you're destined to get until the barista hands you your fortune. And when you see the color on top of your whipped cream, well, then you can start planning your day.


If your Crystal Ball Frappuccino is topped with blue candy, that means you're destined for adventure. If you get green candies, luck is in the stars for you, and if you see purple candies, you can expect magic, wonder, and enchantment to take over your day. Basically, it's the world's best fortune teller.

Like most amazing things though, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino won't last forever. You can find this whimsical, fortune-telling drink in participating Starbucks stores from today, March 22, through March 26. Like the Unicorn Frappuccino you waited in line for, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is too magical for this world and won't last forever. Also, the drink is only available while supplies last, so unless you have another fortune teller who can let you know if the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is in stock at your local Starbucks, you'll want to head there ASAP.


In all seriousness, how fun is this drink? In a world that seems to be putting tarot cards back on trend and trusts their horoscopes for most decisions, this Crystal Ball Frappuccino is just really fun. Whether you're grabbing one with a friend or just want to sip it alone and let the ~mystic things~ happen, you're bound to enjoy it. Plus, who doesn't want to find out if their day is a little more destined for adventure?

Although, to be fair, Starbucks does wave any liability on your actual luck if you happen to get green candy gems on top of your Crystal Ball Frappuccino. Just remember, luck, adventure, and magic and wonderment can all present themselves in different ways. Missing your train or getting stuck in traffic doesn't mean the green candy gems weren't truthful in their fortune telling — sometimes you have to find your own luck. If your toddler flushes your keys down the toilet, who says that the blue candy gems don't consider that an adventure? And if you're on the third bedtime story because your 4-year-old really hates sleep, then hey — seems like you really got to enjoy some magic, enchantment, and wonderment.

Or you could just drink the Crystal Ball Frappuccino like the caffeine-addict you are and take a picture for Instagram.

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