The 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Family Is Going On Vacation In This Exclusive Clip

From basic necessities to entertainment, when you go on a family vacation, you always have to prep a little extra for your kids. But for parents Courtney and Eric Waldrop, a family outing means packing and organizing for their nine children — including their 1-year-old sextuplets — their pets, and themselves. In this exclusive clip of Sweet Home Sextuplets, the Waldrop family is going on vacation, and it’s taking much more planning than you could imagine.

In the clip, the older Waldrop boys, Wales, Bridge, and Saylor are excited about going to Dollywood — a theme park (partly owned by Dolly Parton) in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee that features a variety of rides, shows, and attractions. “Vacation day is here,” says Courtney. “Our whole family loves theme parks. Our boys are so excited.” Courtney’s father, Gerry, her aunt, Pam, and her friend, Valerie are all there lending a hand with the kids while Courtney packs last minute necessities for the trip.

“Packing for a family of 11 is crazy,” Courtney says as she hands a Boogie Wipes to Valerie. “For the babies, I have to take 150 diapers, wipes, pacis for Tag, lovies for everybody, and double lovies in case we lose one. A bazillion clothes, socks, shoes, hair bows, six pack-and-plays, six mattresses, six pack-and-play mattress sheets and covers.” As she checks off this huge packing list, you can see bags and suitcases filled with baby gear, and that’s not even half of their luggage. “We’re taking everything,” Courtney says to Valerie, who looks slightly overwhelmed with all the chaos.

As if taking six pack-and-plays isn’t tedious enough, the Waldrops have to make sure they have a way to feed the babies while on vacation. Rather than taking six separate high chairs, the Waldrops are taking what looks to be a huge, heavy, custom built, six-baby feeding table. “We’ve also got to take this whole entire table because we’ve got to have a place to put them in to feed them,” Courtney explains. “It’s not like taking a little booster seat for them to sit in, which is what I would normally do when Wales, Bridge, and Saylor where little.”

And to add to their prep, the Waldrops are taking their pets as well. “On top of all 11 of us, we’re taking our dog, Bell, and Bridge has frogs,” Courtney reluctantly admits. “We’re taking animals... and reptiles.” Not only do they have to pack food and utilities for the pets, the Waldrops had to figure out a way to accommodate their entire family and all their stuff for the road trip. They ended up getting a much bigger van than they previously had so they could fit the family (including six car seats) in more comfortably.

So why is the Waldrop family going through all the trouble of packing their pets and massive baby gear to go on vacation? It may have to do with the fact that their house is being remodeled to give them more space. The clip starts with an outside shot of the Waldrop home under construction and ends with Courtney telling the kids that the house will look very different when they come back.

It’ll be interesting to see how the babies do on their first vacation, and more importantly, how Eric and Courtney manage the family’s logistics while trying to still relax and have fun.

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