Watch The Wild 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' At Zumbini Class In This Exclusive Clip

There are plenty of blood, sweat, and tears to be shed in the Jul. 9 episode of Sweet Home Sextuplets — only none of them will be coming from the babies. In the episode, titled "A Family Under Construction," Courtney Waldrop grows worried about the sextuplets' speech development and desperately wants to get out of the construction zone going on at home. So in this exclusive clip, Courtney enrolls the Sweet Home Sextuplets in Zumbini class, and it's just as adorable — and chaotic — as you might imagine.

The clip starts off as Courtney takes the sextuplets — Tag, Layke, Blue, Rivers, Rawlings and Rayne — to Galaxy Tumble and Cheer in Guntersville, Alabama, for their first class.

"I've taken Valerie's advice and I've enrolled the babies in a couple of classes to hopefully help with their development," Courtney says in a confessional. "Today is Zumbini class."

For those of you who don't know, Zumbini is essentially Zumba for babies in early development. According to the Zumbini website, the program "combines music, dance and educational tools for 45 minutes of can’t-stop, won’t-stop bonding, learning, and fun."

Back to the Sweet Home Sextuplets clip, Courtney gets excited about the class as she unloads the van. "I know there's gonna be singing and dancing," Courtney says. "And hey, if that opens the door for the babies with their language skills then I am all about it."

The clip continues as the babies — decked out head-to-toe in '80s gear — meet their Zumbini instructor, Caity.

"You look amazing," Caity exclaims. "Oh my goodness, I'm a little bit jealous of these outfits." Same.

Then in a confessional, Courtney teases an alternative reason why she enrolled the babies in the class. "I also used the Zumbini class as a good excuse to dress the babies in '80s workout gear," Courtney says. "So no matter what they do today, at least they're gonna be cute doing it."

Jokes aside, this Zumbini session is all about furthering the sextuplets' development.

"As a mom, you're always thinking about — especially since they were preemies — making sure that they're getting all that education," Caity explains. "The beauty with Zumbini is that the curriculum is already built in so they just have fun and they're already going to be learning."

But as with any outing with a set of sextuplets, things start to get a little out of hand. "It's like they've been unleashed out of the cage," Courtney says as the clip jumps to shots of the babies roaming around the dance studio. It's a wave of chaos — and the Waldrop matriarch knows it.

"Oh my goodness," Courtney says in a confessional. "Why did I not come more prepared? I really should have brought more help."

The clip flashes to a separate confessional with Emily, Courtney's best friend who accompanied her to the studio. "It's kind of scary how fast those babies are now," Emily says. "I mean I'm getting my exercise in just running after these little boogers, I swear."

As the clip rolls along, the disorder continues to spills out the seams. "I wanted this to be fun for the babies, but also a good learning experience," Courtney says. "But I'm not really sure how they're gonna learn if they're all going in six different directions."

Brief scenes of the adults looking tired and out of breath flash by. "I thought that we were Super Women," Emily says. "But well, that lasted one minute."

Uh oh. It looks like a learning experience could devolve into one giant mess. But hopefully Courtney, Emily, and the rest of the adults can become the Super Women that I know they can be.

Tune in to Sweet Home Sextuplets Season 2 airs Tuesday nights on TLC.