With same-day delivery, you can grab a $10 Target gift card when you spend $50 on groceries.
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Um, Hello, If You Spend $50 On Groceries At Target, You Can Snag A $10 Gift Card

My two favorite things about the Super Bowl are the commercials and the snacks. So while I don’t really get too excited about football, I do get excited about the good things to eat and celebrate — like a Target grocery gift card deal. Just in time for you to stock up on your Super Bowl snacks and beverages, Target is offering a $10 gift card for every $50 spent on food and beverage at your favorite Target store.

The trick is, you have to use same-day delivery. But hey, it's still a pretty great idea. Y’all, the food and beverage category includes paper plates, paper towels, napkins, and plastic cutlery, too. And if you head over to the Target website, they even have a “Game Day Snacks” page that is filled with delicious ideas for game day favorites. I mean, it's not too hard to grab a box of everyone's favorite cheese crackers and dump them into a bowl, but Target's got some better ideas in mind, too. And even if you aren't having a Super Bowl party, this deal is a great way to stock up on any kind of party supply or your kid's favorite lunch and snack items.

For what it’s worth, I went to a Super “bowl” party a few years back and it was pretty amazing because they had a chili cook off, and made ice cream sundaes in bowls for dessert. We ate everything out of bowls. Just throwing that out there as an idea, guys. Hey, you know what also goes in bowls? Velveeta cheese dip.

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But because the deal applies to just your basic grocery list (there's also a ton of Valentine's Day candy included), this is a really great way to score some extra Target cash and get your weekly shopping trip done. Same-day delivery means you don't even have to get distracted by the new stuff from Joanna Gaines, and you can try out a four-week trial of the same-day delivery service and still snag the gift card. I mean, way to come in clutch again, Target.