Tommee Tippee

This Cup For Kids Won't Knock Over, & It's Going To Save You A Fortune On Towels

I never drink soda, and when I do, it’s a treat. So last week, I was really excited about my Diet Coke from Chipotle. I sat the cup down on the counter to get something for my 5-year-old and two seconds later, boom. He knocked over my entire soda. Literally, the whole thing — gone. The look on his face was so sad, I couldn’t even be mad (even though I was crying on the inside). Everyone knows kids and spills happen, which is why the Tommee Tippee No-Knock Cup is a parent’s dream come true. (Honestly, maybe I needed one for my Diet Coke.)

Seriously, toddler parents everywhere are rejoicing. You may know Tommee Tippee from their other awesome products that include everything from sleep sacks to diapering and eating items — and of course their breast-like pacifiers and bottle products (genius) — but this latest addition to their line of baby and toddler products is preventing spills everywhere. To be honest, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of cleaning all of the spills. Thankfully this open-top cup makes it hard for toddlers to bump, topple, or knock their cups during meal times, which means way less clean up for you. (Not to mention less wasted juice, milk, and paper towels.) Clearly this is a win-win for parents everywhere.

Sounds too good to be true, right? While this cup might be hard to knock over, it is easy for kids to pick up. How does it work? The CleverGrip technology on the bottom of the cup grips to smooth, flat surfaces like table tops, but lifts straight up when it’s time to take a sip, making it easy for kids to use. The open top design also encourages little ones to practice their grown-up drinking skills. This spill-proof cup is a step up from a covered sippy cup or bottle, but a step down from a regular uncovered big kids’ cup, and the no-knock design is also a great way to allow your toddler to learn how to pour their own drink without creating the mess. I mean, practice can get messy. Even better, the Tommee Tippee website noted that "dentists recommend open cups to support healthy oral and speech development," so you can feel good about helping your little one transition to a grown-up cup.

This mess-proof cup from Tommee Tippee is available nationwide at Target, Walmart, and Amazon, and it’s BPA-free. Tommee Tippee offers the knock-proof cup in 10 fun colors and designs, including dog, fox, and cat illustrations. It also comes in two different sizes — 6-ounce or a larger 10-ounce cup for those extra thirsty days.

Now if they could only make these for adults. I’m pretty sure there’s a demand for some spill-proof wine glasses, or let's be honest, one big enough to hold your Diet Coke and not spill it directly into your burrito. I could absolutely get behind that kind of engineering. But in the meantime, dinners that don't include me being elbow deep in a puddle of my kid's drink are good, too.