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'Turn Up Charlie's Cast Is A Mixture Of Big Names & Promising Young Talent

You might think the best thing about Turn Up Charlie is Idris Elba, who also co-created it, but the truth is, young Frankie Hervey whose first role ever is the Netflix series, might steal the show. They definitely seem to play well off each other in the trailer for the British comedy set to premiere on the streaming platform on March 15. But the Turn Up Charlie cast features other familiar faces and newcomers ready to shine in the comedy.

Elba plays a down and out DJ whose last chance at making it in the music business again is becoming the nanny to his successful friend’s 11-year-old daughter, played by Hervey. It’s enough to take any egomaniac down a few pegs but, as he explains in the trailer, it’s really all he has. Plus his friend’s wife, a word renowned DJ herself, could help him make a comeback.

Turn Up Charlie looks like a newer version of Uptown Girls meets School of Rock meets Mary Poppins. Only in this case, the little girl is just a tad less spoiled and the nanny is Charlie, who from the looks of it has zero experience with kids. There will no doubt be tons of chaos and uncomfortable moments as he learns to juggle his new job, keep another human being alive, and work on his DJ career.

Netflix put together a cast that is a mix of British stars and American faces you may have seen elsewhere before. Together, they make up the music-infused comedy.

Idris Elba

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You have probably seem Elba in tons of movies and TV shows over the years, including Thor, The Mountain Between Us, Luther, and even a few episodes of The Office. He has kind of been all over the place, but he always seems to make it work. Elba has also worked as a DJ in real life, so it's not too much of a stretch for him to play one on Turn Up Charlie.

Frankie Hervey

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Hervey plays Gabby opposite Elba’s bumbling nanny and struggling DJ. Although judging from the trailer, she seems like an old pro, this is actually Hervey’s first TV role ever. Because she’s so young and has no other acting credits under her belt, not much is known about the young newcomer, but from the trailer for Turn Up Charlie alone, Hervey seems like she’s going to be a breakout star.

JJ Feild

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Feild plays Charlie’s successful and wealthy friend David who hires him as the family’s new nanny rather than help him out with his career. In real life, Feild has already had some big roles you might remember him from. Like James Montgomery Falsworth in Captain America: The First Avenger and then the AMC series TURN: Washington's Spies.

Guz Khan

Khan plays Del, Charlie’s other best friend and, from the looks of it, his sidekick of sorts. Every comedy lead needs a sidekick, right? Khan is a British comedian and actor with a YouTube channel dedicated to short vlogs more than anything. He currently co-stars in the British drama Curfew with Adam Brody and Billy Zane and writes and stars in the BBC comedy Man Like Mobeen.

Piper Perabo

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Perabo plays Sara, David’s wife, who also seems to be friends with Charlie and shares a love of music with him. And judging by the trailer, it seems like something more may brew between them. You might recognize Perabo from Coyote Ugly or the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. She also starred in the USA drama Covert Affairs and the short-lived ABC drama Notorious. Chances are, you know her from something.

The Turn Up Charlie cast is full of a lot of different talent from different kinds of TV shows and movies, but together, they make up a pretty unique Netflix comedy.