Vans X FLOUR SHOP Kids Classic Slip-On
I Can't Stop Staring At All The Glittery New Kicks From The New Vans Collab

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Kids’ footwear sure has come a long way from basic (and boring) white sneaks. But if you want shoes that are as colorful as your kiddo’s personality, you’ll definitely want to check out the Vans X FLOUR SHOP collaboration, a whimsical mix of rainbows, sprinkles, and unicorns that’s deliciously adorable.

There’s nothing like sprinkles to put a smile on your face, whether they’re adorning a birthday cake or sprinkled all over a pair of kids’ sneakers, and that’s what makes the collab between Vans and Amirah Kassem, cult-favorite baker and founder of FLOUR SHOP, so sweet. You've likely seen the baker's rainbow cakes all over your Instagram feed. Covered in sprinkles, edible glitter, and bright illustrations, they're truly a bonanza of brightly-hued happiness, and the partnership makes these smile-inducing designs actually wearable.

“The Vans x FLOUR SHOP collaboration combines all of the happiest things including rainbows, glitter, and unicorns, in a way that really expresses the birthday lifestyle,” Kassem said in a statement.

The collection is comprised of footwear, apparel (tee shirts and long-sleeved shirts), and even sunglasses and socks. But even if you choose a beanie or a backpack, all of the items from the Vans X FLOUR SHOP collab have one thing in common: color… and lots of it.


Vans X FLOUR SHOP Old School V

Your kid will be ready to rock the rainbow (or just gym class) with these sneakers that feature glittery uppers. The sneakers have a white side stripe as well as a rainbow sidewall stripe, and triple rainbow hook-and-loop closures that read “Sprinkles and Smiles”. They also have the Vans’ signature rubber waffle outsoles to prevent your kid from slipping and sliding.


Vans X FLOUR SHOP Smiley Long Sleeve Tee

There’s nothing “off the wall” about this long sleeve tee. The shirt sports the words “off the wall” in rainbow lettering, the Vans logo, and a pair of cute white kitchen mitts on the back, and on the front, a white illo of Cara the Unicorn, inspired by a FLOUR SHOP cake.


Vans X FLOUR SHOP Classic Slip-On

No laces? No problem? For mornings when you just don’t have time to make those bunny ears, these slip-on sneaks are a perfect fit — literally. Featuring the Vans' checkerboard pattern on the back of the sneakers, the front has fun rainbow cake print accents. It boasts sturdy canvas uppers, and a padded collar so that the sneaker won’t rub against the back of your child’s ankle.


Vans X FLOUR SHOP Girls Cara Tee

A totally sweet shirt, the Vans X FLOUR SHOP Girls Cara Tee takes a basic white shirt to the next level. The front features the famous Cara the Unicorn cake, along with the Vans logo in a pretty in pink shade. The 100% cotton jersey has a rainbow jacquard neck band, and (woot) glittery puffs with embroidery detail.


Vans X Flour Shop Canoodles 3-Pack

For kids who don’t like donning socks, this Canoodles 3-pack just might help to keep their tootsies toasty. They’re made from 51% cotton, 57% nylon, and 2% elastane, which should give enough stretch without stretching out. You can pick a pair of socks that sport rainbows, sweet illos of stars, smiling faces, and (yum) pizza.

Hot tip: The sneaks also come in adult sizes (there’s a handy-dandy sizing chart to help you with conversions from kids to adult sizes), so you, too, can have some sparkle in your step wherever you go.

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