The Waldrop Family's Thanksgiving Table Will Be Double The Size This Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means families across the country will gather around their dinner tables to give thanks and dig into their favorite holiday dishes. But for one reality TV brood, this year's feast will look a lot different than last year. That's because the Waldrop Family's Thanksgiving will have six more people in the picture.

This time last year, Courtney Waldrop, star of TLC's new series, Sweet Home Sextuplets, was waiting to give birth to her sextuplets with husband Eric, according to TODAY Parents. Their little ones — three boys and three girls — were born in mid-December, just a few weeks after Thanksgiving last year, as TODAY Parents reported at the time, On Monday, Courtney shared on Instagram that one year ago today, she was 26 weeks pregnant and in the hospital, which means she and her bulging belly were likely sharing a meal with Eric and their three other children, sons Saylor, Wales, and Bridge, while she waited to give birth at Huntsville Hospital in Alabama last Thanksgiving. But this Thursday, the stars of Sweet Home Sextuplets will need have a few more highchairs for their holiday feast.

What's more: Thanksgiving is just weeks away from the infants' first birthday, so this must be an extra special holiday season for Courtney and Eric Waldrop. But fans of Sweet Home Sextuplets will have to wait until next year to celebrate with the family.

The first season of Sweet Home Sextuplets, which premiered in September, follows the Waldrops as they welcome their sextuplets and adjust to life with nine children in Alabama, according to People. A large team of doctors at Huntsville Hospital delivered the babies, who weighed around 2 pounds at birth, via C-section in December, People reported.

So far, Sweet Home Sextuplets has garnered a large fanbase, which has surprised Courtney, according to People. She told the magazine last month: "It’s just like watching a home video. It’s hard to even imagine it’s on in a million people’s homes. I feel like it’s only on in our house."

And it seems this Thanksgiving, Eric and Courtney Waldrop will give an extra special thanks for the opportunity TLC has given them to share their story with households across the United States. Eric told TODAY Parents in September, amid the premiere of their reality show:

We didn’t go into this wanting to be — I don’t even like the word — celebrities. We want to show the world what God has done for us, and how much we’ve been blessed by this situation. We want to show America how good God has been to us.

So what will be on the Waldrop Family's Thanksgiving menu? Probably a lot of delicious treats!

If the Waldrops follow Alabama's food traditions, then they may whip up some sausage balls — a popular holiday appetizer from the Cotton State, according to The family's Thanksgiving table may also have slow-cooker cornbread dressing, an herb-roasted turkey, a peer salad, and sweet potato casserole. And you can't forget the classic pumpkin pecan pie, which rounds out any Southern Thanksgiving meal.

Whatever the Waldrop family serves, the food is bound to be bountiful. After all, there are 11 mouths to feed!