This Giant Wagon Holds Up To 4 Kids & I'm Half Tempted To Sit In It Myself

Little kids require a lot of stuff, and if you don't want to lug around multiple bags, using a wagon is a no-brainer. But a wagon that your kids (yes, multiple kids) can also ride in is like a gift from the heavens. A giant stroller wagon like WonderFold Wagons is the answer to the prayers of moms who want a convenient way to transport all of their kiddos and all of their stuff together.

Thankfully, my four kids are spaced out enough that we've never had a need to place all four in a wagon together. However, when my youngest two were in the baby and toddler phases, I would have used the heck out of something like this to haul all of our stuff around. Those day-long trips to the beach with four littles would have been less of a nightmare and more of a breeze.

Different varieties of the WonderFold Wagon are available depending on your family's needs, with models in each series sporting different features and with enough room to hold anywhere from one child to four children. The main component of each wagon is the ability to transport your kids and all of their stuff in a spacious, convenient, and comfortable way. Each wagon features an open interior where your children can safely ride sitting in a five-point-harness seat, sitting on a bench seat, or even laying down depending on which model you choose. Some models even feature detachable baskets or attached zipper pockets that can be used to store toys, snacks, bags, or pretty much anything you might need during a day out with your kids.

Made with a steel frame, the collapsible design allows parents to easily store their WonderFold Wagon and take it from place to place in the back of a minivan or in the trunk of a car. Depending on which model you go with, some feature a one-step folding design that looks incredibly simple to open and close. They're all relatively lightweight with the W4 Quad Stroller (their largest capacity stroller) weighing in at just 50 pounds with the capability of holding up to 300 pounds. Each removable bench seat features two five-point harnesses and holds up to 66 pounds worth of children. There is enough room inside the deep carriage area to cart around your baby, a couple of toddlers, a preschooler, and all of their essentials.

Each wagon comes with a removable canopy that will help keep your kids nice and shaded, as well as protected from the elements while you explore the great outdoors. Breathable mesh sides in certain models keep your kids cool and comfortable on hot summer days, and the removable fabric seat covers in most models are easy to take out and clean when your toddler inevitably smears yogurt all over their seat.

For parents who plan to go the extra mile (or five) in their WonderFold Wagon, purchasing a few accessories to make your wagon even more family-friendly may be in order. Attachable cup holders, rain covers, and mosquito nets are available for purchase on the WonderFold Wagon website to help make your outings in the wagon even more enjoyable.

While the price point of the WonderFold Wagon ($259-$549) puts it in the category of a long-term investment, if you're going to purchase a stroller anyway, why not consider instead purchasing something that will grow with your family? Even once your child is no longer small enough to sit inside, you can literally use the WonderFold Wagon for a variety of purposes for years to come. There is never a phase of your kid's childhood when a wagon won't come in handy. Lugging softball equipment at a weekend-long tournament for your pre-teen — you'll want a wagon. Trekking across a college campus with boxes on move-in day — the investment you made when your kids were teeny tiny won't let you down.

WonderFold Wagons are available for purchase through major retailers Amazon, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, and Bed Bath & Beyond, as well as on the WonderFold Wagon website.