Theories About Joy-Anna Duggar's Due Date To Tide You Over Until Baby Forsyth Is Here

The Duggars know how to throw a wedding, maybe because I think it's their favorite thing to do. So when Joy-Anna Duggar of TLC's Counting On married her beau Austin Forsyth in May, fans were pretty much just excited. Really. They weren't focused on the timing, or the change in date from October to May. It was just like, yay good for them! Until the couple quickly announced they were expecting. And then fans went into red alert mode with theories about Joy-Anna's due date, because some fans are a little suspicious that the numbers are simply not matching up.

Austin and Joy-Anna, one of the famous 19 children of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, knew each other for most of their lives before becoming engaged last November. The two met when Joy-Anna was just 4 years old, and got engaged 15 years later. Austin's parents own the Fort Rock Christian Family Camp in Arkansas, and are good friends with the Duggars, according to Us Weekly. In other words, when Austin and Joy-Anna got engaged, it was a match made in heaven. Matriarch Michelle Duggar even took to the Duggar family YouTube account to say this about Austin last November:

We’re so thankful for Austin. He is a great guy, and we’re excited about the future for what God has in store for you guys.

It looked as though 19-year-old Joy-Anna would be following in the footsteps of sisters Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard. Happily married and traditional as all get out.

But perhaps she's more like her *rebellious* sister Jinger Vuolo, you know the one. The sister who has worn pants. Because Joy-Anna has everyone talking about her potential due date, and many are thinking she might have broken the Duggar cardinal rule... getting pregnant before the wedding.

Here are some theories that have fans "counting on."

Moving The Wedding Up

When Austin and Joy-Anna initially got engaged, they announced that they planned to wed on Oct. 28, 2017. Then it was announced that the date was rather inexplicably moved up to May, which would have taken some serious finessing when one thinks of the sheer size of a Duggar wedding. And it had people talking about possible reasons for moving the day... a pregnancy? Surely not! I mean, the Duggars aren't even allowed to fully hug before marriage, it's side-hug city all the way. Either way, fans were piling on the questions, following along the same theme of: "Was she pregnant then?"

Because of this date change, fans seem to think she may be welcoming her first child sooner than her reported March due date. (If a date in March 2018 is her true due date, that would mean she got pregnant sometime in June of this year.)

Look Who's Pregnant!

But, just three months after getting married, Austin and Joy-Anna announced they were expecting a baby. Now, that in and of itself would not be considered unusual in the Duggar family. But it was the picture Joy-Anna shared a little over one month later, on Oct. 2, that had fans wondering why she appeared to be so far along.

Especially when she wrote that she was already feeling the baby kick, which fans seemed to think was a little early.

Every pregnancy is different and each woman's experience is different. But, according to WebMd, most women will feel their baby move and kick around the 16 to 25 week mark of their pregnancies. And if it's your first pregnancy, "you may not feel your baby move until closer to 25 weeks," according to the site.

If Joy-Anna's pregnancy falls in line with these projections, she could be anywhere between four to six months pregnant when she captioned that Instagram shot.

Growing Pains

Ever since Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy, fans have been on bump watch. And they're increasingly convinced that the size of Joy-Anna's bump does not coincide with her due date, which is again reportedly around the beginning of March, according to the Duggar family blog. Fans are a bit all over the place when it comes to how far along they think she is.

The Mystery Of The "Hidden" Bump

Not only has Joy-Anna been seemingly covering up her bump in recent weeks, she wasn't actually included in the Duggar family Thanksgiving photo.

If Joy-Anna and Austin did, indeed, get pregnant before marriage, they're far from the first people on the planet. What is far more concerning is the fact that she has been omitted from a family picture, ostensibly because she may have broken a rule. Or, of course, she could have just as easily been with Austin's family, therefore physically just not there for the photo.

Whatever the case may be about Joy-Anna's due date, fans will learn soon enough. Like, probably, in just three months.

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