I Want This Giant 'Coco' Inflatable For Halloween So Everyone Will "Remember Me"

Giant spiders, ghastly ghouls, wicked witches, and all things spooky are Halloween decor mainstays. But sometimes you want decorations that won't scare the daylights out of every kid that comes trick-or-treating. For that, Disney has the perfect solution — a giant Coco Halloween inflatable yard decoration. The Nightmare Before Christmas characters may think that they have the market cornered when it comes to walking the fine line between creepy and cute, but Miguel and Dante are here to give Jack and Sally a run for their money.

When my oldest son was a preschooler, he was basically scarred for life on a trick-or-treating jaunt around my parent's neighborhood by a giant, spooky inflatable that didn't light up or make creepy noises until he innocently strolled by it on his way to try to collect candy. Four years later, he is still only into Halloween yard decor that is on the lighter side. Friendly and fun, but still staying in the spirit of the holiday, this Coco inflatable would definitely make the cut when considering his Halloween yard decor requirements.

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Not only is this decoration perfect for the entire Halloween season, but in keeping with the movie's central theme, its design celebrates Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday of remembrance, also known as Day of the Dead. Miguel is dressed in the infamous disguise that he uses to try to blend in inside of the realm of the dead in the movie. Despite what could be considered by some as a creepy visage — a stark white face with hollowed-out black circles around his eyes — Miguel manages to stay looking absolutely charming with his sweet signature smile toting around his "borrowed" guitar. Plus, with his ever-loyal dog Dante by his side, who could possibly be scared of this adorable pair?

Retailing for $129 at The Home Depot, the inflatable stands a full 6 feet tall and measures 5 feet across when inflated. This delightful piece of yard decor is illuminated by energy-efficient LED lights, and inflates using an included AC fan. It self-inflates in just a few seconds when plugged in, and is perfect for keeping right in your yard all season long because you can unplug or plug it in whenever the timing suits you. Included are stakes and tethers to keep the inflatable design anchored into your yard, so you won't have to worry about your decor flying haphazardly into your neighbor's yard and wrecking their creepy graveyard display.

Literally the only thing that could be better about this inflatable is if it played Miguel's adorable voice belting out Un Poco Loco on repeat. Oh, and I would love a companion inflatable of Hector that also comes to life and sings right alongside Miguel while Dante wags his scruffy tail. Is that too much to ask for, Disney?

For now, I guess this adorable piece of Halloween decor will be my best option for Coco-themed cuteness to adorn my yard. Maybe I'll just set up a Coco playlist on a portable speaker outside when October 31 rolls around.