There's A New Cards Against Humanity Inspired Game ~Only Parents~ Will Get

If your precious children have subjected you to days full of non-stop messes, tantrums, and hours upon hours of Caillou, you might just need a break. And whether you are planning on getting together with other parents, or just spending a quiet night in with your partner, this Cards Against Humanity game for parents is exactly what you need. It’s called KinderPerfect, and it is kinda perfect for parents who need a laugh.

Based around the hilarious card game, Cards Against Humanity, KinderPerfect uses word associations to create humorous scenarios through 200 hilarious cards, whose ideas were crowd-sourced from real parents. It’s a family-friendly game, so it comes without the crass language of Cards Against Humanity, but you can always mix the decks if you’re looking for more adult humor.

Romper reached out to KinderPerfect creators, Wayan and Amy Vota, who say that while they enjoyed playing Cards Against Humanity with friends, they felt it didn’t speak to their parenting experiences. They went on to create KinderPerfect through a Kickstarter campaign, and after enormous support and ideas from parents, they successfully launched on Amazon where it gained huge popularity among parents and is now one of Amazon’s Top 100 card games.

Wayan and Amy say that the cards were inspired by the antics of their children, and those of other children. For example, their kids had them read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? over and over until they memorized all the pages in that set of books. This inspired the card, “Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?”

Another hilarious card was inspired by the daughter of one of their friends, who was always sucking on the ear of her stuffed animal. The cards that resulted were “Please don’t put __ in your mouth!” with a potential answer card, “Another damn stuffed animal.”


With the millions of things you have to keep track of all day, the last thing you want is to play a game that requires more brain power, but luckily KinderPerfect is super easy to play. A “Parent” player reads out a red question card, and other players submit their white answer cards. The “Parent” then picks the winner based on which answer they liked best, and that person becomes the “Parent” for the next round. Just like in real life, joke the Votas, you win by amassing useless answer cards.

KinderPerfect is a family-friendly way for parents to laugh at the pain of parenting, explain Wayan and Amy, and creates a safe space for parents to discuss the real challenges of raising kids. It also helps parents come to the realization that everyone hates Calliou.

“For example, the card 'Signs you are THAT family' usually leads into a great conversation on how we all feel inadequate as parents,” they explain, “while the 'Our code word for sex is ____.' question always leads to that nervous place were we acknowledge that all parents are balancing the needs of our children with our own needs to be loving couples.”

So if you are ready to dive into some fun and laughter with KinderPerfect, or want to pick it up as the perfect holiday gift for other parents, you can find KinderPerfect on They have also just launched pre-orders for their massive 400-card KinderPefect game, which will ship by Nov. 20, just in time for some Thanksgiving fun.

You can also find KinderPerfect in select bookstores and game stores across the country, and if you’re looking for a last minute party game, perfect for baby showers or a moms' night in, you can download their free printable PDF, which has the original 210-card, Kickstarter version of the game.

Every parent needs a break, and a moment to just be able to laugh at their own misery. Even though you love your kids to the moon and back, they will drive you up the wall sometimes, and to be able to laugh about that with friends and family can be needed comic relief.

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