Um, These Loveys Come In *2-Packs* So You Never Have To Panic About Losing One

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Ever panic when your little one loses their lovey — the one blankie they simply can't live without? Most parents have been there, and as a result, have torn a house apart searching for the lovey a child adores. So when I heard that Copper Pearl is launching identical two-pack loveys, well, I got super excited. These sweet, three-layer security blankets are now available in 16 favorite designs, from floral pastels to adorable animal prints. The premium polyester and rayon blend is an ultra-soft, breathable fabric with just the right hint of stretch. And by selling identical loveys in a set, you'll have an easy replacement in case the first one goes missing. Obviously, this company is run by moms who've been there, done that, and want to save the rest of us from a little drama down the road.

Copper Pearl was created in 2015 by two best friends and fellow moms, Stephanie Lee and Kristin Reichart. Both women had always dreamed of starting their own business, and when they realized the lack of premium and modern yet affordable baby bibs on the market, they seized the opportunity to create Copper Pearl. In a short amount of time, the company has blossomed into a small but mighty team that brings customers unique baby accessories that are trendy, fashion-forward, and made with the highest quality fabrics. Every product goes through a rigorous review process before it ships, ensuring its quality is top notch. Gotta love a couple of enterprising moms who saw a need in the market and went out and did something about it.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Stephanie talked about embracing the entrepreneurial spirit: "I really enjoy coming up with a vision and figuring out how to make the vision a success."

And, as it turns out, that successful vision is giving parents the items they really need. Seriously, a two-pack of lovey blankets is just pure genius. There's a lot of science behind children having a lovey and the security that comes from that small item, so to have an exact match as back-up? Genius. Bonus: swap the two loveys out every now and then for each other so they both get the same amount of wear, tear, and love. Nobody wants to fight the good fight of convincing a toddler that the brand new, still fresh from the package lovey you have in your hand actually is the same one they've dunked in chocolate milk, dragged in the Target seasonal aisles, and drooled all over for the better part of their young lives. (Also, if you ever leave one at a family member's house, no more meeting up in the dark of night to make the swap.)

Basically, here's to never panicking again when a little one's lovey is nowhere to be found, a crisis averted in the form of Copper Pearl's newest product launch. And they're actually cute, so you don't have to cringe when your toddler grabs that week-old Target receipt out for cuddles.

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