These Adorable Babies Dressed As Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Will Make Your Freakin' Day

Every single year, I'm astounded by how into Halloween people get. I'm always the person who's scrambling to decide on a last-minute costume on the eve of Halloweekend. Others, though, have it down pat. They prepare elaborate costumes weeks in advance and, come the day of, they're rocking perfectly executed, hilarious, cute, or downright terrifying looks. With the recent release of the second season of Stranger Things, of course the fandom used Halloween as an opportunity to honor their beloved Netflix thriller. Luckily for us, this means that Halloween was full of adorable babies dressed as Stranger Things' Eleven, the Eggo-loving, nosebleed-having telekinetic.

Having a baby makes the holiday even more chaotic; parents have to be the mastermind behind and personal shopper for a whole other person's costume. Somehow though, parents across the country managed to not only pull it together to dress their kiddo up for the holiday, but they knock it out of the park — their creativity and ability is amazing. Although these miniature Elevens are far less mysterious than Millie Bobby Brown's character on the show, they still pull off the short hair and jumper just as well as she does, arguably better even.

Eleven's plot line in season two may have been controversial, but there is nothing up for debate about how cute these nine babies dressed as Stranger Things' Eleven are.

This Little Look-Alike

Complete with her trusty box of waffles and pumpkin inspired by the living room wall strewn with Christmas lights on the show, this tiny Eleven really has the entire look down. She even knows how to raise her hands in that menacing and aloof way. All she needs are some twinkle lights!

This Eggo-Eatin' Eleven

Eleven's vocab may be pretty limited, but if she saw this mini-me, even she would surely say, "Aww." Instagram user MissMeganJoy took this look to the next level by making it a 'mommy and me' Barb and Eleven duo costume.

This Smiley Psychic

This tiny Eleven certainly looks much more cheerful than the one from the show. This little one has a bit of work to do if she really wants to nail Eleven's fierce glare, but we're also totally okay with her big smile.

This Tiny Telepath

Brown once told fans that she doesn't love Eggo waffles as much as her character does, and that it can be hard to stomach so many of them during shooting. Judging by this tiny Eleven's expression, she can't say the same.

This Superpower Sweetie

Brown chopped off her long hair to play the role, much to her parents' horror. "It was very hard for my parents," she told Vulture. "But I convinced them. I was like, 'Dude, it grows back. It’s fine.'" Luckily, this little one was born with the Eleven 'do. What a perfect first Halloween costume.

This Upside Down Youngster

This babe has the outfit and diet down pat, though it may be a few years before she's able to mutter "mouthbreather" under her breath at those who cross her or lay down an amazing Stranger Things rap like Brown did on The Tonight Show.

This Expressive El

It's gotta be hard to play a character who says so few words. I think this baby does it just as well as Brown does though. Plus, look at how good her stare is!

This Contemplative Cutie

Judging by this little one's focus, she's working on honing her ability to flip over trucks with her mind, just like Eleven does.

This Transformed Tot

This kiddo rocked Eleven's fierce new season two makeover look, when Brown's character went punk. So badass.

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