These Adorable First Thanksgiving Outfits Are Perfect For Your Little Sweet Potato

The first 12 months of your baby’s life are full of wonderful firsts. Along with first smiles and steps, parents love celebrating their baby’s first holidays. You can take adorable pictures in their perfect, cute little outfits to commemorate each holiday, and you get to share those special moments with friends and family. No holiday says family like Thanksgiving when all your loved ones gather around to celebrate their blessings. So if you are looking to dress your little one in commemorative Thanksgiving fashion, you'll need some adorable first Thanksgiving outfits for babies to make your holiday picture perfect.

While Christmas and Easter usually have most of the holiday fashion options, Thanksgiving isn’t that far behind. The holiday lends itself to wonderful, earthy fall colors, and some outfits even incorporate football, which has become part of the Thanksgiving tradition. Whether you want plenty of dressy, frilly options, or some really cute fall-related jumpers and corduroy pants, there's something for everyone. As long as your baby's first Thanksgiving outfit doesn't mind getting covered in formula, breast milk, or mashed up sweet potatoes, it should be perfect. (Also, turkeys on the butts are always a win.)

From dresses to onesies to gender neutral options, here are a few great first Thanksgiving outfits from national retailers that you can buy online and find in stores, too.


Macy's has a terrific selection of pretty Thanksgiving dresses that are fancy and full. They have a beautiful Bonnie Baby Printed Turkey Dress ($25, Macy’s), a Bonnie Baby 2-Pc. Turkey Tulle Tunic & Striped Leggings Set ($25, Macy’s), and this Rare Editions 2-Pc. Turkey Tunic & Leggings Set ($25, Macy’s).

Toys "R" Us

Koala Kid's has a great line of baby's first Thanksgiving clothing at Toy's "R" Us and Babies "R" Us that are really cute, and look super comfy for a long day of kisses and hugs from relatives.

For your baby girl, you can pick up a Koala Kids "My First Thanksgiving" Pink Tutu Bodysuit ($15, Toys "R" Us), Koala Kids "Everyone is Thankful for Me" Pink Bodysuit ($10, Toys "R" Us), Koala Kids PinkTurkey Knit Hat ($6, Toys "R" Us), Koala Kids Pink Turkey Footed Pant ($8, Toys "R" Us), with these cute little Koala Kids Turkey Pink Booties ($10, Toys "R" Us), and you can add this adorable Koala Kids Thanksgiving Turkey Headband ($10, Toys "R" Us).

For your baby boy, you can pick up a Koala Kids 2 Piece Turkey Gobbler Brown Bodysuit and Pant Set ($13, Toys "R" Us), Koala Kids "Daddy' s Little Turkey" Bodysuit ($10, Toys "R" Us), Koala Kids Brown "Gobble" Footed Pant ($8, Toys "R" Us), and this adorable Koala Kids Turkey Knit Hat ($6, Toys "R" Us) with these Koala Kids Turkey Brown Booties ($10, Toys "R" Us).


Every mom's favorite store is Target, and while you're shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and decor, you can also pick up some adorable holiday pieces for your little ones.

For your little girl, you can get Carter’s Baby Girls' 2pc Thankful and Loved Tutu Set ($10, Target), or this Baby Girls' 3pc Turkey Bodysuit & Legging Set ($12, Target).

For your little boy, you can get Baby Boys’ 2pc Turkey and Football Pants Set ($10, Target) or this more neutral Carter’s Baby 2pc Gobble Gobble Pants Set ($10, Target).


Carter's is tried and true for comfortable, soft, and practical baby clothing. They have an adorable range of first Thanksgiving choices that you can pick up online or in stores.

From Carter’s you can get a 2-Piece Thanksgiving Bodysuit Pant Set ($11, Carter’s), Grandma Loves This Little Turkey Collectible Bodysuit ($6, Carter’s), 2-Piece Thanksgiving Bodysuit & Jumper Set ($12, Carter’s), or This Dude Loves Turkey Collectible Bodysuit ($6, Carter’s).


From Kohl’s you can pick up some gender neutral Thanksgiving gear, like this Baby Carter's Embroidered "I'm Just Here for the Pie" Thanksgiving Bodysuit ($7, Kohl’s), Baby Carter's "Gobble 'Til You Wobble" Thanksgiving Jumpsuit ($10, Kohl’s), and add this cute Baby Carter's "My First Turkey Day" Thanksgiving Teething Bib ($5, Kohl’s) or this Baby Carter's Embroidered "I'm Just Here for the Pie" Thanksgiving Teething Bib ($5, Kohl’s).

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