Hold My Gauntlet: There Is A Thanos Build-A-Bear & All The BAB Avengers Are Assembled

Build-A-Bear is always coming out with new and exciting costumes for kid's favorite cuddly toys, but these new Avenger: Endgame Build-A-Bear gift sets are the perfect Easter gift for your favorite little Marvel fan. They're more than just a costume and soft plush bear though — this new collection offers everything you need for your new Build-A-Bear, including special sound clips to make dramatic play extra real, just in time for Easter and the release of Avengers: Endgame. I mean, who knew you could fall more in love with those heroes, right?

Some of these gift sets are exclusively online, so be sure to check the website before checking out your local Build-A-Bear store. This collection allows you to buy complete sets without having to shop for all the extras, and the newest members of the Build-A-Bear family, Captain America and Ironman, have some really great all-in-one deals. Of course, you also have the option to mix and match if you want to combine character accessories or combine heroes — how cool would that be? A Captain America bear with some Black Panther gear? The ultimate warrior, am I right?

Make your Easter basket extra special this year with this new Avenger collection from Build-A-Bear Workshop featuring all the favorites — Captain America, The Hulk, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Spider Man — you know, the whole gang. It's just in time to celebrate Avengers: Endgame, and your child will love playing with these interactive toys for hours. Plus with these discounts on the bundles, you can get more than one.

If you have a little Captain America fan at home, you may want to check out this Captain America gift set that comes complete with a super cute blue bear and Captain America costume, black boots, and five sayings so they'll be ready for battle. You can add on the Captain America t-shirt for your bear for when he's feeling casual and taking a break from saving the universe.

It's all about girl power with this cool Captain Marvel Bear that is basically half space adventurer and half earth dwelling superhero. This bear is extra special because she features sparkly red fur and a special Captain Marvel graphic on her super adorable foot pad. There are also some really cute add-ons like a Captain Marvel crop top and aviator jacket — as if this bear could get any cuter.

This Iron Man teddy is ready to take on the world. Your little one will be ready to fly high and go on many adventures with this cuddly yet brave and furry version of Tony Stark. This gift set comes complete with a red soft and cuddly teddy bear, official Iron Man costume, durable red rubber boots, and five sayings built in to the bear for an extra dramatic effect.

Your little Marvel fan won't be able to resist this adorable Thor bear that comes complete with his special hammer, built-in costume attached to his soft fur and awesome Thor graphic on this left foot pad. This bear is sure to be the new bedtime favorite, and honestly, I kind of want one on my own. ANOTHER!

Whether you want a Black Panther bear, a snuggly Thor, or the world's cutest Hulk, Build-A-Bear has you covered. I basically want the entire Avengers team, but let your little one pick their favs. (Dibs on Black Panther, y'all.)