These "Baby Shark" Tees Are The Cutest Way To Announce You're Pregnant

Have you been wondering how precisely to let people know that you're about to become a parent? There are so many options after all, so many creative ways to let your loved ones know that your life is about to change in the most monumental way possible. How can you possibly convey what your day-to-day life will look like when you become a parent? Well not to spoil things for you, but you're probably going to be listening to a lot of "Baby Shark." Which is why these "Baby Shark" pregnancy announcement tees are basically the best to let people know you when you're due-due-due-due-due-due.

If you've never heard of the massively popular "Baby Shark" song by Pink Fong, a Korea-based channel for kids, I'm sorry to do this to you, but I'm about to deliver one of the worst ear worms you've ever had to try and forget. Not to mention the accompanying video, which has been viewed on YouTube more than 1.8 billion times. To give you some idea of the grand scope and scale of the "Baby Shark" phenomenon, Kylie Jenner herself has made reference to the song since giving birth to 8-month-old daughter Stormi Webster. And you know if Kylie Jenner has heard it, you're going to be listening to it with your little one as well.

So why not use the opportunity of your pregnancy announcement to induct yourself into the mommy shark club?

Clothing company Strocketeer offers a selection of bundled sets of t-shirts and accessories for moms with a definite sense of humor, tops that help identify the wine lovers, coffee drinkers, and football moms in each other by a glance. I mean, check out the Mama Shark est. (add your own date) hoodie to keep you extra comfy. It sells for $44 and features a kangaroo pocket, which will come in super handy when you have a baby, trust me.

Not into hoodies? Try their "Baby Shark"-themed pregnancy announcement T-shirts. This particular "Mama Shark due-due-due-due" T-shirt is customizable with a new mom's due date. It sells for $25 per shirt and comes in sizes from extra small to double extra large. It's available in eight different colors, including mint, navy, peach, gray, and white. And let's face it; it's super adorable.

Worried the expectant father in your life is going to feel left out? Well don't be, because Amazon has some pretty adorable "Daddy Shark" T-shirts available, not to mention a variety of "Baby Shark" apparel items for your new little baby.

Now, before you start to panic and worry that your life is going to change you so much that you become unrecognizable, relax. It's probably true, but it will happen so gradually you'll barely feel a thing. You won't have to start listening to "Baby Shark" until your own baby shark is old enough to screech demands at you, but by that point you'll be used to your baby and their screeching won't be so bad.

You'll just be happy there's a song out there to relax them.