7 "Baby Shark" Remixes That Parents May Actually Like, From R&B To EDM

If you have a young child in your life, then you've probably heard "Baby Shark" a million more times than you ever needed to. But if an alternate version of the viral song might help make it feel a little less redundant, I've got you covered with "Baby Shark" remixes. Suddenly, there are so many remixes of the tune on the internet — and I think it's safe to say that the craze has officially gone a bit too far.

First, here's a little backstory on "Baby Shark," which The Guardian theorizes is a nursery rhyme dating back to the early 20th century. According to Newshub, the song first gained notoriety in 2007 from a viral German YouTube video called "Kleiner Hai." Then, in 2011, children's musician Johnny Only turned the ditty into a well-produced track featuring background music, harmonies, and a music video, Mel Magazine reported. Only told the outlet that he knew "Baby Shark" from campgrounds, where people would perform it along with improvised lyrics and movements. (Side note: I totally remember singing "Baby Shark" at sleep away camp back in the early 2000s.)

Then, in 2016, Pinkfong, a South Korean children's entertainment company released the version of "Baby Shark" that we all know and love/hate today.

So without further ado, here are seven "Baby Shark" remixes that you may as well succumb to.


"Valentine's Day Sharks"

Pinkfong released a Valentine's Day Remix of "Baby Shark" the day before the romantic holiday in 2017. And now that Valentine's Day is around the corner, now is a good time to give "Valentine's Day Sharks" a listen. The song retains most of the original lyrics, but adds a few random "sweeties" and "I love yous" and "Happy Valentine's Days."


"Baby Shark Dance (Remix)

In case "Baby Shark" was too low energy for you (impossible), Pinkfong released a fast-paced remix, which is basically the song playing in double time. Try to keep up.


"Baby Shark (R&B Remix)"

YouTuber Desmond Dennis' R&B remix of "Baby Shark" has nearly 8 million views — and it's amazing. The music video features live-action shark costumes and smooth vocals.


"DJ Baby Shark Remix"

DJ Muzakir Alunsyah Adam's rendition of "Baby Shark" starts out sounding exactly like the original song — but then the bass drops. Just add it to your next house party playlist. Trust me.


"Baby Shark Remix Bombstyle"

YouTube account MusicPedia made an EDM remix of "Baby Shark," which features a pumping bass sound throughout. Maybe don't play this one for your kids, because after the bass drops, a voice is heard saying, "Everybody f*cking jump!" (though it is bleeped out).


"Baby Shark Trap Remix"

If you're a fan of trap music, you'll love this version of "Baby Shark" by PJ Panda. The phrase "baby shark" repeats over and over throughout the song, but that's about the only similarity between this remix and the original. Don't be surprised if you hear your favorite DJ spinning it at the club this weekend.


"Baby Darth"

Star Wars fans will love this spin on "Baby Shark." YouTuber Joe Charman released a version of the song called "Baby Darth," about a family of Darth Vaders. Yes, the entire song is sung in a Darth Vader voice, and yes, there is a music video with all the different Darths.

And "Baby Shark" is only growing — in addition to so many remixes popping up as of late, the song just landed on the Billboard Hot 100, USA Today reported. Somehow, "Baby Shark" just keeps going even more viral.

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