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Here Are 17 Behind-The-Head Face Masks For Kids Who Can't Stand Ear Loops

Masks are a part of our new normal. Whether your child is going to be wearing one for hours at a time while they’re in school or just an hour or two while you run errands, you want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. Even though ear loops can help keep your child’s face covering from sliding, they can also be itchy and irritating. That's why behind-the-head face masks for kids can be a game changer.

“Face coverings are intended to provide secure control,” Dr. Syra Madad, an infectious disease expert and star of the Netflix series Pandemic: How To Prevent An Oubreak, tells Romper in a phone interview. But that doesn't mean you're stuck with one style.

“As long as the face coverings covers the mouth and nose and is snug fit, wearing a behind-the-face mask or ear loops are both good options," Dr. Madad says.

That said, masks that go behind the head mean that your child has to know how to tie the laces. If you have a little one who still hasn’t mastered making bunny ears yet, you can always tie the mask for them before sending them off to school (but it might not be a bad idea to practice the skill with them so they can re-tie the mask on their own). That way, your child can wear any one of these 17 behind-the-head masks in comfort and safety.

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Rainbow Heart Cloth Face Mask

Your child will feel full of Pride when they wear this rainbow heart mask from Unbelt. It has an organic cotton lining and a water-resistant (and breathable) outer shell. Soft elastic keeps your child’s mask tied securely behind their head. And with each mask purchased, $5 will be donated to help support LGBTQ+ youth as well as frontline workers.


Accordion Mask With Filter Pocket

This face mask from The Irish Design House has a pouch that can be used with a filter. It also has a nose pinching wire to give the mask a more snug fit. There are even step-by-step instructions on how to tie the mask behind your head, too.


Child Reusable Cotton Face Mask

From stripes to a scientist-theme, there are so many face mask designs to choose from at The Orange Room. The masks, which come from Toronto, Canada, are made with two layers of woven cotton, and more importantly, super soft elastic bands that fit around the head. They’re designed to have a roomy fit around the mouth so your child won’t need to tug at their mask to talk to their teacher.


Kids Over The Head Face Mask

When comfort is key, this face mask from Etsy seller Karitoskrafts can help. The masks are handmade and have stretchy elastic that wraps around the back of the neck and top of the head for a stay-in-place fit. To ensure a perfect placement, you can adjust the elastic to your child’s head.


Batman Face Mask For Kids

Your child will feel like a caped crusader with this cool Batman face mask. Elastic goes behind the head, and rests on the crown, for a comfortable fit. The mask is machine washable and has three pleats that function for fit as well as comfort. Etsy seller PrideandPrincesses is offering free shipping, too.


Kids and Toddlers Over The Head Adjustable Face Mask

Whether they opt for a ballerina or a blue unicorn, cats or a construction print, the mask from Etsy seller Iylalie will allow your child to focus on schoolwork—and not ear loops that are itchy. Fashioned from double layered woven 100% cotton, the mask has a slit on the side to fit a filter (which is included in your purchase). The head loop fits over your child’s head easily.


Kid Dangerous

Your kiddo can roar right into their school year with this Kid Dangerous Unisex Tiger Print Face Mask from Bloomingdale’s. It has two back ties that allow you to wear the mask as you wish. It’s machine washable and totally trrrifiic.


Levi’s Reusable Reversible Face Mask Pack of 3

If you’re looking for some masks to match your kid’s jeans, these Levi’s face masks are it. They come in a variety of 3-packs, from solids to bandana prints. They’re also reversible, and you can toss them into the laundry when they need to be washed.


Kid's Face Mask

This kid's mask from Tokki x Gravitas is made with two layers of tight-weave 100% quilter’s cotton, making it both soft and durable. It covers from nose to chin, and has an interior pocket that can be used with a disposable filter. Plus, for every mask purchased, another one is donated.


Organic Cotton Face Mask

What they lack in color these masks from Avocado Green Mattress more than make up for in comfort and cleanliness. They’re made from two layers of organic cotton canvas and easy strap ties. In fact, there’s no elastic or plastic used in the construction of the masks. And for $30, you get 4 face masks for your kiddo.


Children’s Face Mask

There will be no more sore ears, thanks to face masks like the ones from Etsy seller Weddingzilla. You can pick from a plethora of patterns (think Yummy Cupcakes, Flip flops, Doggy Bag, Bam Batman Black,) and more. The elastic straps go up and around your child’s head, and will stay in place. Masks ship within 1-3 business days.


Foxes Fabric Face Mask

You won’t have to be sneaky like a fox to get your child to wear this mask. This mask comes with the option for behind the head straps (just make that selection before checkout). It also has filter pocket openings if you decide to add in filtration, and can be customized to have a padded nose wire.


Briar Mask Swirling Petals

Made from 100% cotton from Liberty of London, the masks from Briar Baby are just pretty. The masks have ties that wrap around your child’s head, and can be machine washed, too. And for every mask sold, $5 will be donated to Baby2Baby, an organization that provides essentials to children living in poverty.


Kids Washable Face Masks

There are three layers to this mask made by Etsy bestseller SimplyAriaBoutique. First, 100% premium cotton lines the inside of the mask, while a polyester fabric functions as a filter. Then, the top layer of 100% premium cotton completes the look, which can be anything from dino colours, baby llama, or gray clouds.


Kids Back To School Masks

Your kid will be ready to rock their school year with these school-centric face masks. Made from double layer woven 100% cotton, the masks are feature cute little school supplies and everything that your child will need for successful studying.


Child Face Mask

Made from breathable quilting cotton, this children's face mask allows your child to adjust the straps to suit their comfort level. The mask is reversible, and has already been prewashed (but you can wash it again once you receive it). Etsy seller SewAbbyHandmade is offering free shipping, too.


Lilla Barn Kids Face Mask

Buying your child's mask at Kido Chicago supports a Black-owned Mom & Pop business. The masks, which are handmade in Chicago, have two layers of 100% cotton. A side pocket allows you to insert a filter, and the stretchy cotton/spandex ties can give your child the perfect fit.


Dr. Syra Madad, infectious disease expert and star of the Netflix series Pandemic: How To Prevent An Oubreak