12 Flowy Dresses That Make For The Comfiest Homeschooling Uniform This Fall

If you, like me, are one of the thousands of parents entering a new era of at-home learning this year, then you’ve probably already spent a considerable amount of time Googling “homeschool help,” and trying to remember the basics of algebra. But have you considered your virtual learning wardrobe? What’s your homeschool caftan style? The right flowy dresses will help you maximize comfort to make up for the pandemic panic associated with helping to instruct your child at home.

Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you and created a flowy garment directory designed to help you live your best distance learning life as your child’s very own in-house Ms. Frizzle. Based on personality, we’ve come up with six categories of super comfy lewks to help you access your inner (totally unqualified, probably) educator persona. Allow these free and easy dresses give you the confidence to say, “Let me tell you about the American Revolution” like you mean it. (Hey, you know all the lyrics to every song in Hamilton.) In these dresses, you'll feel put together — but comfortable — enough to grab that Number 2 pencil and find the square root of 85 with conviction. You'll manage your kids' home classroom behavior with the same firmness of a parochial school nun or Minerva McGonagall, because you'll be wearing the modern-day version of a nun's habit or witch's robes: the flowy dress.

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The Task Master

If you’re approach to Zoom lessons is that everyone be in their seat, backs straight, ready to learn, five minutes before the class goes live, you need a loose-fitting garment that says “I’m the boss.” Here are a few of our faves.

With plenty of swing to move about the at-home workspace, this dress is covertly comfy, with a shape that's dressy enough to instill respect from your pupils.

Keep your kids guessing with this unassuming blue dress. Oh sure, you'll look sweet, but, kids, beware the sass.

The Demonstrator

If your teaching approach is hands-on, then naturally you need something that's easy to move around in... which is definitely the case with these drape-y numbers.

Airy and lightweight, this dress has all the essentials: a drawstring waist, v-neckline, and batwing sleeves, all made from a textured sustainable rayon crepe fabric. Cinch the waist in or leave it loose.

With a generous skirt and lightly defined waist, this floral dress is feminine, yet functional (meaning you can curl up and tuck your legs up in it on the couch for story time, but then race around the room tweaking all your children's tech when it's time for Zoom lessons.

The Chill Instructor

If your approach to online learning this year is a "let's all relax and do our best, but not stress too much" kind of vibe, these are the looks for you.

Super flowy but with an interesting cut that exposes the back, this Free People dress was made for comfortable learning environments that put the child first and the stress last.

You know what kids can't get in the classroom this year? Lots of hugs. Not true of your at-home study area, and this gauzy white number was made for encouraging snuggles.

The Nutty Professor

If juggling kids' lessons and work is driving you bonkers, you need wardrobe that minimizes the crazy. These dresses are drama-free and feel like you're floating in a cloud.

This pocketed, long maxi with an appealing side split is an easy going look you can dress up with accessories or keep low-key unadorned. Better yet? It comes in 27 colors.

The Elma shirtdress can be worn a number of ways: cinched at the waist, unbuttoned at the shoulder, or just "unencumbered and free" — but the most exciting detail for any homeschooling mama? Pockets, of course.

Ms. Education

If you really wanted to be a teacher before you entered your current career, you might find this virtual school business a dream come true and a chance to indulge a long-lost aspiration. And you might want to look the part.

This dress looks like a shirt and skirt but it's actually two-in-one. With a retro swing skirt, all you need is a pair of cat's-eye glasses to complete the vintage teacher look.

If this doesn't scream elementary school teacher, we don't know what does. Perky and pleasant, it's the perfect business casual balance.

The Substitute

Hey, you didn't exactly sign up for this... but you're showing up for it, and that's what really matters. Still, you'll have to keep things casual if you're going to stay on point.

This drapey French terry dress also has pockets (jersey-lined!), and comes in a pretty olive green and soft orange, too. Your pupils will know who's is in charge with one swing of your hips.

The website says this Bamboo Tank Dress is "so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing it," and that's the goal with any item of clothing, isn't it? Plus, it's made from organic bamboo so it's sort of like a lesson in sustainability.