Guys, This Golden Girls Tiki Mug Set Is The Only Thing Making Me Happy RN

There are few things that sound more amazing than a cold drink on a hot lanai right now, and if the drink is in these Golden Girls ceramic tiki mugs from Target, it's officially nirvana. Even though I don’t have a lanai, I now want to create one specifically to showcase and use these adorable mugs. In the meantime, I guess I can just use them for a Golden Girls quarantine viewing party.

Each mug is $26, or you can get the entire set for about $100. For your drinking pleasure you can get Dorothy Zbornak in green, Blanche Devereaux in red (because of course), Sophia Petrillo in blue, and Rose Nylund in yellow. These color choices are so spot on with each of the girls’ personalities, right? And even though the design of the mugs are definitely “tiki” with their detailed flourishes of tropical themes, you can still tell which girl the mug is representing quite easily.

Since they’re made of ceramic, they are top-shelf dishwasher and microwave safe, and they each hold 16 to 18 ounces of whatever beverage you can think of. (Personally, I think some sort of beverage with rum in it might be the tastiest. Because, tiki, duh.)

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For inspiration, there’s even an entire article based on what cocktail to drink based on your favorite Golden Girl on Spoiler-alert: they recommend the Dorothy Zbornak-inspired cocktail “be heavy on the bitters.” Bless your heart, Dorothy. Blanche’s drink of course contains champagne and bourbon, and Sophia’s drink is “The Palmero" — is a cocktail named for the capital of the Sicilian region. But Rose's? Well, it's naturally a rosé with lemonade.

But if drinking alcohol isn't your thing, I believe they would look wonderful on display with your Golden Girls shrine. Or am I the only one that has one of those? As Dorothy Zbornak would say, "Who are you to judge me!"

If you do imbibe, purchasing these mugs absolutely warrants a watermelon full of tequila for your moonlight madness party, or drinking a margarita out of them so strong that you think the brooms from Fantasia are real. So be sure to grab your set now and enjoy, whether you have a lanai or not. You can sip them and practice your "Picture it: the United States. 2020. There was a pandemic." speech.