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CVS Is Now All You Need For Road Trip Snacks Like Chocolate Chickpeas & Turkey Jerky

Finding healthy snack options at the drug store isn't always the easiest task. But the good news is, it's getting easier. With more brands hopping on the wellness wagon, junk food-only options don't have to be a thing anymore, and you don't have to go far to find a snack that's delicious and good for you. In fact, there are some healthy snacks from CVS that you'll actually love. Gold Emblem Abound is a healthy brand that is now at CVS, so you can start stocking up on all the healthy snacks for baseball or that family road trip you're planning.

CVS has been a pioneer in making drugstores more healthy by being the first and only national pharmacy chain to end the sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, and the first to say goodbye to artificial trans fats from its very own store brand. And with its wellness initiative adding new healthy products, CVS Pharmacy is continuing its commitment to the health of customers by providing healthier food options.

This summer is the perfect time to get the kids into healthier eating habits by adding some of these snacks into your pantry. Gold Emblem Abound is now at CVS with some better-for-you snack and grocery items without the extravagant cost. You can find Gold Emblem Abound already on the shelves right now, but CVS just announced that they will be adding more than 70 new healthy and delicious snack options this spring. Some of the new highlights from the line are chocolate-covered chickpeas, pomegranate ginger nut mix, turkey jerky, dark chocolate freeze dried bananas, spicy queso tortillas, and everything bagel seasoning, because who doesn't love an everything bagel? Everything bagel seasoning is all the savory flavor, minus the carbs, and that sounds like a win to me. Basically, CVS is really ramping it up with so many more bold flavor options and combinations, and you'll be able to find them all right where you're picking up those last minute vacation necessities.

In the meantime, you can check out the healthy snack options that are already on the shelves at your local CVS store and online. Gold Emblem Abound is a brand that's committed to being free from artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors and trans fats. And yes, all the other health requirements too. These snacks are also gluten-free, USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, heart-healthy, high in protein, low in sodium, a good source of fiber or sugar free.

Check out this good-for-your-tummy Probiotic Trail Mix with yogurt-dipped raisins, almond, walnuts, cherries, and cranberries for protein, energy, and of course some sweet and tangy goodness.

Keep movie night light and healthy with this delicious organic popcorn. You can enjoy this heart-healthy snack even more since it's a good source of fiber and free from artificial flavors and preservatives.

The kids are going to love these Superfruit Snack Bars because they're just like a Fruit Roll-Up but without all the added sugar. Perfect for a sweet treat or an on-the-go snack.

It's no secret that kids love crackers, so why not make them a healthier go-to with this high fiber and added complex carb option. These 8-Grain crackers would make the perfect snack plain or with cheese for some added protein.

Be sure to check out Gold Emblem Abound on or at your local CVS store to add these delicious snacks to your healthy pantry.