K, I'm Going To Need These Target Cookie *Stamps* For All Of My Holiday Baking

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Nothing says home for the holidays like ruining a batch of sugar cookies and screaming at your kids, "You're spilling it!" while making gingerbread. I forever want to attempt some beautiful, one-of-a-kind snowflake-shaped cookie — you know, for the memories — and I think Christmas cookie stamps from Target are the way to go. This particular brand is Hearth & Hand, which is the Target brand from Chip and Joanna Gaines. So basically these cookies are going to be rustic, beautiful delicacies, and you're also going to suddenly be dressed in plaid with a penchant for shiplap when you're done.

But a cookie stamp is pretty genius. This set comes in a pack of three, with each stamp shaped like a snowflake. The stamp itself is made out of aluminum, which means it can hold up to a lot more wear and tear, but it's also less prone to sticking to the dough as you pull it up (by the wooden handle, no less). Look, I've baked thousands of Christmas cookies, and dough getting stuck to things is reason number one I'm reaching for the spiked eggnog. Whether it's a rolling pin, a cheap cookie cutter, or my own countertop, I've scraped up more dough than I'm willing to measure.

Once you've made your favorite cookie recipe, roll it into balls and just use the stamp to press down. You'll instantly have beautiful embossed snowflakes in your cookie dough, and they should bake up pretty easily in the oven. This takes all the work out of intricate decorating, royal icing, and piping bags. When you have a sugar cookie already shaped like a snowflake, a dusting of powdered sugar is really all you need to finish it up. (OK, also maybe some edible glitter. And maybe some icing, but not too much? Or just frost the whole thing with buttercream until you can't even see the snowflake outline.)

At $20 for three cookie stamps, this is a little more than I usually spend on my seasonal cookie materials. But, it looks like these little guys will hold up year after year, and honestly, rolling single balls and stamping sounds a whole lot more efficient than rolling out an entire ball of dough and meticulously cutting out cookies. (Will I still make them that way this year? Most likely.)

If stamps are just too fancy for you, Hearth & Hand also has another genius product: an absolutely enormous cookie cutter. (I hope you read that like Hugh Grant, because that's how it was intended.) For just $15, you can buy this giant cookie cutter that cuts out lots of Christmas-themed cookie shapes in one go. No more wasted bits of dough you have to roll back up and try to squeeze in one more Christmas tree. This is the perfect way to get a bunch on the baking sheet at once so you can move onto more important matters like that eggnog we talked about.

I mean, you're already in Target for everything else this season needs. Grab an extra few rolls of tape (because you know you'll need it), another box of tree lights (because you know you'll need it), and these cookie stamps (because you know you'll need it).

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