These Joy-Anna Duggar Quotes Prove She's So Ready To Be A Mom

Even though she's only 19 years old, Counting On star Joy-Anna Duggar's quotes about her impending motherhood are pretty wise for her age. Not only can you feel her excitement to welcome her first child with every update posted on Instagram or interview given, but what's she said about her baby-to-be thus far proves that she is so ready to be a mom.

Back in August, Joy-Anna announced that she's expecting her first child with new husband, Austin Forsyth. And since then, the pair has made quite a lot of headlines for the suspicious timing of her pregnancy. Of course, the Duggars are known for their strict religious beliefs and dating rules, or...courtship rules, to be exact. According to TODAY, the Duggars don't date, they court, which is "dating with purpose." And courtship comes with very specific rules, such as there always being a chaperone on dates, no kissing until marriage, no hand-holding until an engagement, and every potential suitor must be approved by their dad, Jim Bob Duggar.

But, some fans think Joy-Anna and Austin broke those rules, based on the timing of her pregnancy and their baby's suspected due date. Nevertheless, it's obvious that Joy-Anna is still incredibly amped about her impending motherhood and has said a lot on the subject. Here are some:

She's Wanted Kids For A While

In a video announcing the couple's pregnancy, Duggar explains that she and Forsyth had been wanting this for a while. According to OK! Magazine, she said:

Before we even were married, we were praying that God would give us kids, and we're so thankful that he is.

Obviously, the two are extremely excited about their pregnancy, and that's pretty great.

She Has Strong Pro-Life Views

Only a few weeks ago, Duggar was making headlines for another reason: her pregnancy update post. While sweet, also made a pretty strong pro-life statement. Obviously, abortion is controversial, and Duggar's stance is as well. But, it's something she feels convicted about, and she's still young.

However, Duggar is also clearly excited about her first baby. In the pregnancy post, she captioned her photo on Instagram:

Can't wait to meet our baby!! I got to feel it kick for the first time a few days ago!!! Soooooo amazing!!! It's already about the size of a bell pepper and weighs around half a pound!!!

She Has Total Faith In Her Husband

While announcing her pregnancy news, Duggar released a statement to People, expressing how excited the couple was. In addition, Duggar also remarked that she knew her husband would be a great father.

I’m most looking forward to watching Austin as a dad and raising children together with him.

The 22-year-old might be about to become a first-time dad, but he'll obviously have plenty of support from his wife and family.

She's Got A Hunch About The Sex Of Her Baby

In a video for TLC from the newlyweds, they discuss Joy-Anna's pregnancy and what they're expecting to learn along the way. While Austin admitted that he was hoping for a girl, Joy-Anna said she thought otherwise. "I think it's a boy," she said in the video.

The couple hasn't let anyone in on if they know the actual sex of their baby yet, but obviously whatever they have, they'll be happy.

She Doesn't Know How Many Kids She Wants

Obviously, Joy-Anna is one of the famous 19 Kids & Counting, but that doesn't necessarily mean she wants (or doesn't want) a big family of her own. When asked about the couple's plans, Duggar told People, "We want as many [children] as the Lord thinks we can handle."

Having all of these quotes and bits of wisdom into Joy-Anna's life available, it's obvious that she is totally and completely ready to be a mom.

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