These Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses In Los Angeles Are Just Spooky Enough

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, but there's no way I could've known how much better it would get with kids. Kids add a new brightness to everything, especially holidays, but there's an added aspect of fun around dressing up, trick-or-treating, and exploring all the excitement of fall. Obviously, the creepier parts of Halloween can be tricky to navigate with kids around, but you still don't want to miss out on the fun, even in a big city. Knowing the best kid-friendly haunted houses in Los Angeles, for example, can make sure you enjoy the spookiness of the holiday without scaring the pants off your babes (because nobody wants to deal with sleepless nights for weeks to follow).

Most of these haunted house attractions seem suitable for the whole family, but you're really the one that knows your kid best. Even then, kids are a constant surprise, and sometimes can be afraid of something that seems out of sorts even for them. In any regard, make sure you do your research before you go to get a sense of the scenes you might see — talking to your littles about it beforehand can help them know what to expect. And of course, if you're wary of the scare-factor, stick to a family-friendly pumpkin patch. There's plenty of fun to be had there, too.

The Haunted Shack

This friendly haunt in residential Torrance is good, old-fashioned fun for your littles (the owner recommends ages 6 and up). The haunted maze is in its 20th year production, and admission is free, but donations are welcome and all go towards the Cancer Support Community (the attraction has raised nearly $5,000 for charity thus far).

Grier Musser Museum

The Grier Musser Museum is a turn-of-the-century house near downtown Los Angeles that gets gussied up for Halloween. Enjoy a child-friendly spooky tour, complete with classic Halloween and Wizard of Oz memorabilia. Remember to call ahead and make a reservation.

Boney Island

Boney Island is a unique Halloween attraction featuring skeletons — and lots of them. They talk, dance, do magic, and even respond to questions, and it's guaranteed to leave your family in stitches (pun intended). This haunt is fun for all ages, and the spookiness factor is very mild, making it a good option for families with younger children.

The Haunt With No Name

The Haunt With No Name is better for an older crowd (around ages 7 and up), but because the owners are parents themselves, they avoid horrific scenes altogether. Tombstones, witches, and lots of pumpkins make up a majority of the decor, but there is a bit of a creep factor that might spook very little kiddos.

Los Angeles Live Streamers Railroad Museum Ghost Train

OK, so this one isn't a haunted house, but I'm sure that won't bother your little train-obsessed tot. The Ghost Train is open to kids at least 34 inches tall, and the 20-minute ride passes by professionally decorated scenes, displays, and lights. The scare-factor is minimal, since you're viewing all the creepiness from inside the train.

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