These Moms Trolled Their Kids Playing Fortnite In The Best Possible Way — VIDEO

I am the mother of four sons and this means I am living inside a video game. I might not play Fortnite with my sons on account of I have to work at a job and clean the house and such, but the wildly popular video game has become the soundtrack of my daily life. Not just the game, mind you, but the constant, nonsensical-yet-dead-serious dialogue that goes along with the game. So when these moms trolled their kids playing Fortnite it was actual music to my ears. I am not alone in this video game universe. There are others.

Whitney Cicero, who writes for the parenting blog The New Stepford, and her fellow mom friend Angela Hoover clearly know a little something about living in a house that is really just home base for hundreds of hours of Fortnite gaming. If you don't know what Fortnite is, I can only assume you do not have a person living in your house between the ages of 10 to 50. Fortnite is described by The Toronto Star as a "zombie survival game in which players can either team up or play solo, to try and be the last contestant standing a la The Hunger Games."

It really brings out some... interesting qualities in kids. As evidenced by Cicero and Hoover expertly lip syncing every moment of their kids' playing the game.

Their journey starts off with a little trip to Tilted, although the moms (channeling their kids) can't seem to decide if this is a good idea or not. They eat junk food with glorious abandon, which to me is probably the highlight of playing video games and also having the metabolism of a child, and they just want their "Bro" to "build a little base!"

From here it just gets funnier and truer all at once. One of the moms complains about her bad internet (the amount of times my kids have cursed our poor WiFi for crapping out in the middle of a video game), while also considering starting a YouTube channel where they are sure they could "get, like, 3,000 subscribers." Kudos to them for keeping their ambitions at a manageable level.

Of course, there is farting involved. And cautious laughing about the farting. And then some screaming at their mom for daring to use the internet that they are paying for. The mom is played by someone's child, and this made me pretty damn happy.

There were also these weird dancing intervals that my son assures me are called "emoting," some discussions about taking the "400 Wood" and some impromptu singing. All in all, this video was soothing balm for this mom's exhausted, Fortnite-overloaded soul.

And I'm not the only one; there were plenty of parents who watched the video, which was posted by The New Stepford on July 8, who appreciated the very accurate humor from the video.

"I haven't laughed so hard in ages. "I'm at 12! Bro!!" Hilarious!!!" one viewer commented.

"Well done ladies! Have heard everything in your video from my son and his friends over the past year, the internet connection/ wifi complaint so much that he actually has a wifi extender set up in his room for this game," another wrote.

No wonder the video has been watched on YouTube more than 66,000 times since it was first posted. Fortnite parents, as I assume we can now call ourselves, have found a way to unite. Laughing at our kids and their incredibly intense obsession with this video game. After all, we're pretty much never allowed to use the internet any longer so we have to entertain ourselves somehow.